Screen Capture for Mac OS X

I don’t often look at Mac software.  However, today I was helping someone try to find the equivelent of Snagit for the Mac.  Here is what we found:

  1. First is Snagit.  Yes, they are considering a mac version.  Other info here.  This would be great.  The latest release of Snagit has kind of a messy UI, but in general it gets the job done and then some.  I use it all the time.
  2. Next was SnapZPro.  It looks more geared towards video.  I couldn’t find the part where I could add an arrow and annotate a screen capture.
  3. We looked at InstantShot.  It was simple and easy to use, but it was TOO simple without enough features.  Snagit has the ability to annotate and change effects, sizes, everything.  This had virtuall nothing.
  4. Snagit actually has this project called Jing.  This wasn’t bad.  It had the bare bones of annotation and a built in FTP.  Plus it worked on Windows and Mac.  Nice UI.
  5. FInally, we found Skitch.  Skitch is similar to Jing but it had more features for the annoation.  It also had FTP built in.  The UI is nice.  I love how things “flip” on the Mac.  We decided to go with Skitch.

There might be more out there, but this list gave us a quick overview of the tools out there.  I love looking at alternative software for the same task.  It’s amazing to me how many different approaches there are.

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