Sept08 Shorts

  • Saw Butterfly effect.  Really freaked me out.  Think about the turning points in your life.  How could they have gone different?  Would it have been better?  or Worse?
  • Thinking about taxes.  I like my taxes being spent on some things and not others.  For instance, I like my taxes being spent on schools, roads, bridges, energy plants, R&D, social security and the arts.  I don’t like it spent on billion dollar nuclear submarines and jet fighters.  I feel mixed about Welfare.  Ive come to the conclusion that this last one is a core principle for Republicans.  The idea that they don’t want their money spent by giving it to people who don’t have jobs is horrible to many people.  I understand this point of view.  I’d like to think about it more.
  • The Shield started last week.  Last season.  This is the best show ever.  Katie and I are just stunned every single time.  It’s awesome.
  • I HAVE to get my AjaxExperience presentation done this week.  I have procrastinated long enough.
  • Kids School started too.  I hope the kids do well.
  • We were in a restaurant and this woman came up to us and said, “Your family is really INTENSE!”  I really didn’t know what she meant.  Is Intense good?  Probably not. 
  • I have a strange feeling that I get sometimes that something is “wrong”.  It’s a nasty feeling in the back of my jaw.  I feel depressed and afraid of some boogeyman.  Is this just the natural cycle?  It happens periodically and lasts a couple of days.  Or…maybe I have a special connection to the universe and something is wrong.  Like when Yoda felt the planet explode.  A problem with the force?  Yes, it must be that.  Blessed with the Force, I am.
Ive been very busy at work.  It’s been hard to carve out time to blog.  Blogging releases my creativity and allows me to have a vent for ideas.  It’s healthy for me, I think.  Stopping makes me lose track of these ideas.
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