SkyDrive Word App – AutoSave

I like Microsoft’s new service SkyDrive.  It’s like Google Apps and Google Drive.  Inexpensive, tightly integrated with MS Office 2013.  All-in-all, very satisfactory.  However, I have one gripe.

In the Word web app, it doesn’t autosave.  The Excel one autosaves.  The PowerPoint and One Note apps autosave.  Even the Excel Survey app autosaves.  Why the heck doesn’t the Word app autosave?  My kid lost hours of work because he didn’t understand you have to click save.  He assumed it was like the other services.

It doesn’t make much sense to me why it doesn’t.  Hell, even if it saved every 5 minutes in the background (versus every time you time a sentence) it would be fine, but it doesn’t save at all.  No auto-recover, no “hey you accidentally closed your browser, here you go”.  It’s just gone, gone, gone daddy gone.

Autosave is a massively useful feature.  I design all of my apps that way.  Help the user out!  Save for them.  If you design an app and don’t autosave, I would suggest you hold an intervention for yourself and get with the program.

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