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Slashdigglicious Plugin

I saw an article that caught my eye this morning about how to introduce jQuery to a large organization.  Interestingly, on the post there was a link to “Digg this story”.  I thought that was pretty cool and tried to Digg the story.  Lo and Behold, it worked.  That was my first time, “Digging” something myself.  I have Dugg other stories before, but never submitted one.

This led me to look at the different plugins for WordPress on the subject.  I found one called Slashdigglicious.  Of course it installed almost instantly.  Now you can see, at the bottom of these posts, that you can add the post to any number of these social bookmarking sites.  It’s pretty neat if you ask me.

I think they are also obscure.  The design could use some work.  I plan on moving the links slightly to make them fit in better and be more obvious.  I recommend this plugin to others.

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  1. Lux Lux

    I use Alex King’s “Share This” plugin, which also includes an “email this to a friend” link as well as the social bookmarking stuff.

  2. That one looks interesting too. I don’t love how it covers up the other text. But it has some nice features.

    I just noticed your site uses Prototype. Ack!!!

  3. Thanks for taking the time to digg my article.

  4. Lux Lux

    Haven’t had time to deal with a new theme for the site; maybe later this month when things quiet down.

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