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STANDARD RESPONSE: “Is this crazy land?”

Gay Marriage. Some people want a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one women. I heard a woman on the radio saying, “They can have another word, this word is ours!” (standard response)

War on Terror. Do you remember previous wars? The War on Crime, The War on Drugs, The War on Illiteracy, The War on Poverty and of course the ever popular, Class Warfare. We are not in a War on Terror. The United States is NOT at war. In case anyone bothered to read the constitution, the congress must declare war. The president is not allowed to do so. Invading Iraq with virtually no opposition and fighting a bunch of insurgents in a Viet Nam-esque guerrilla occupation is not a war. And neither is toppling Afghanistan and then leaving 15,000 troops to safe-guard a country in complete disarray. If you want to see every military action the United States has been involved with please click here. (stand response)

The Tone in Washington. Bush said he would change the tone in Washington. Dick Cheney told Patrick Leahy on the floor of the senate to go Fuck himself. And then he said, he felt better. See article. Nice. Real nice. Then Arnold Schwartzenegger said that the democrats in Sacramento are a bunch of girlie men. What is this crap? Is the TRILLIONS of dollars this country spends on government programs so unimportant that we can’t demand our politicians be adults. (standard response)

Secrecy. Energy executives wrote the energy policy of the Bush white house. And then Enron manipulated energy prices in California ripping off the state for billions of dollars. And the white house is suing the congress for ASKING what happened in those closed door meetings. I don’t want secrecy in the white house. I want transparency. Doesn’t everyone? (standard response)

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