Some Projects

First, here is the SNL “Chronicles of Narnia”. Ben Peters showed it to me. Pretty funny.

Ok some projects I am working on:

  1. Rip CD’s to MP3 so we can get rid of the CDs. Maybe sell them to Amazon.
  2. Burn all Lipka pictures to DVD Slideshow.
  3. Set up pro account and upload our pictures (3 Gigs). Based on the raves of Rachel Luxemburg, I am going to try Flickr as our primary photo sharing vehicle. My only concern is privacy. I don’t think you can set permissions on it. I will see how it goes.
  4. Still decommissioning the Exchange server. Only one more mailbox and I can take it down. Then I can try to install Windows Media Center 2005 and attempt to make a home-grown TiVo.
  5. Help Katie to sell the kids car-bed and Missile Command on Craigslist.
  6. Continue to test Gmail. **Here is what I did.** I set up my primary mail box on Network Solutions. Then I set the box to forward my mail to my gmail account. Then I set the Gmail account to send as So I am basically using Gmail as my personal web mail server. Very little advertising, and nice interface. I will update as I use it.

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