Sorry Katie

Jared came into our bed this morning. He reached over and felt Katie’s back. She has a mole there. A small protuberance. Here is the dialog:

Jared: “Is this mommy’s penis?”
Daddy: “No, it is not. That is a mole.”
Jared: “Noooooo. It’s her penis!”
Daddy: “I promise, it’s a mole.”
Jared: “A moAL!?” (Incredulous look)
Daddy: “Yes.”
Jared: (Looking around mommy’s butt) “Where is mommy’s penis?”
Daddy: (cold shiver) “She doesn’t have one. Only boys have penises. Mommy is a girl.”
Jared: (looks unconvinced) “I have a small penis. Ethan has a big penis. Matthew has a small penis.”
Daddy: “Ok, sure.”
Jared: “Do you have a penis?”
Daddy: “Yes”
Jared: “Is it a big penis?”
Daddy: “Yes, huge.”

After that we got dressed. Sorry Katie for letting everyone know about the mole. Im looking forward to more biological conversations about Mommy. Oedipus, anyone?

Whatya think?