Stalled on Flash Catalyst

After seeing Flash Catalyst, I thought it looked really sweet.  So on my current design project I stopped making the prototype directly in PowerPoint and started making it in Photoshop CS4 instead.  From Photoshop, the plan was to move them into Catalyst and add interactivity.  However, I have yet to launch Catalyst at all.

The reason is that I really don’t actually make prototypes, nor do I want to.  What I make are storyboards.  I tell the product story through a series of screens to describe the interaction and experience details.  So adding interactivity would be antithetical to my needs because I do not want the audience to click around; I want them to watch the story as I am describing it.

In terms of specific interaction design, we have patterns in place that work well and I don’t want to specify something different accidentally in a new tool.  Being in Photoshop means I have to be alot more speciifc because engineers will assume that it is “pixel perfect”.  As always I feel the “pixel perfect process” of throwing a design over the wall to engineers is slow and flawed.  It is much better to iterate in real code and refine interaction as a partnership with the real developers.  Many companies, unfortunately, do not allow this and end up with sub-optimal results.

Of course, one might say, “But in my company, we have to do XYZ because….”  That is fine.  I am not trying to say Catalyst isn’t cool.  All I am saying is that I can’t use it myself.  It would take me backwards, not forwards in building awesome products based on my circumstances.  Sorry Rachel.  (Rachel is good Adobe folk and probably will comment that I am in the minority and am clearly insane.  It’s OK, she is likely correct)

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