Super Numbers

About 6 hours until the big game. My prediction is the Eagles by 7. I predict this for 3 reasons.
1. I love the underdog.
2. I hate Bill Belichick because he quit the Jets after 1 day.
And 3. I hate the Yankees and all other “Dynasties”.

I love parity, I want every team to have a good shot at winning each year. Its been 36 years since the Jets won the Superbowl. Parity is our only hope.

We are having 13 additional people over today for the game. With us that makes 18 people in the house. Ugh.

Katie is making Hippie soup with salad. No pizza. Corn bread and Cheese quesadillas, but no chicken wings. We are having a tree-hugger Superbowl apparently. Oh well, its the commercials that are important. Hopefully enough people will watch to enjoy.

Have fun everyone. And remember, JETS are number 1!

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