Superbowl XL

Pretty good game. The Pittsburgh Steelers won the game. Several plays (interceptions) could have changed the game. Each team had a chance to win and the defenses stepped up. In general, the Seattle Seahawks wide receivers dropped the ball several times in several key plays. I think that may be the ultimate difference. This game could have gone either way.

The commercials were pretty good. I really liked the FedEx commercial early in the game. There was another I laughed at, but I can’t remember it. Katie loved the United Airlines commercial because it looked so beautiful. I thought the Pepsi commercials were stupid. I hated the big production number for Burger King.

Speaking of Burger King, I have liked their recent campaign of putting the King overlayed on top of NFL games. I thought Burger King missed a huge opportunity to replay the best plays of the Superbowl with the King. Poor Form, King.

Next step: Pray for a brilliant draft pick for the Jets. Please God, stop torturing me.

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