Every once in a while, I do a little exploration on the web to look for interesting things.  I don’t do it that often because it is a road that leads to everywhere and I could get lost for hours.  However, I feel compelled to do it a little bit of the time and this morning was one of those times.  I started with a Google Search of UI Blog.  Here is what I found in the order I found it:

  1. User-Interface Blog – Looks promising.  I will subscribe.
  2. Jensen Harris Blog – Microsoft Office guy who blogs about UI.  I am going to subscribe.
  3. Microsoft Officce Labs – Like Google Labs.  They are ideas and experiments.  Good place for some beta software.
  4. SharePointPedia – This is a neat resource on SharePoint.  They are trying to use it like Wikipedia, which I think is fairly brilliant.  Sharepoint might be the coolest web application that exists.  I love it.  I wish I could install the latest version at Marketo, but unfortunately, time is a scarce resource.  Hopefully, we will get an IT person in this year.
  5. Taskmarket – This is a site where businesses can find freelancers.  I am going to try it for graphic design.  The neat thing: It’s based on Sharepoint.
  6. Sharepoint public demo (latest version) – Sharepoint reminds me of Intuit’s quickbase.  Great applications that don’t get enough respect.

That’s when I came up for air.  I like Design blogs.  If you know if a good one, let me know.

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