The Jets Fall 2009

Well, it’s over.  It was a great run, but the Jets did what they always do.  They got my hopes up and then lost at the last possible second.  This time they went as fas as Vinny Testaverde did getting to the AFC championship game in 1999.  That was a miracle season too with Bill Parcels.

I felt so drained when they lost.  They put up a great fight, but the Colts were just too good.  Peyton Manning is a master on the field.  He is so in control and confident.  He stays patient and then just cuts you up.

I don’t know how the Jets are going to improve next year.  A better tight end?  They had the number 1 defense, how much better can that get?  That is the scary thing.  I just don’t know how they are going to improve.  Well, you never know.  Next year may be the magic year.  2010.  The year the Jets make it back to the Superbowl.

Rex Ryan: Twitter missed opportunity

After the Jets game, David Clowney, Wide Receiver NYJ, wrote a twitter message.

“1 play in the 1st Half, 4 plays in the 2nd half . . . A bit disappointed about my playing time but very happy and satisfied about the win.”

For this tweet, he was benched for next Sunday’s game by Coach Rex Ryan.

I think Rex Ryan missed an opportunity.  He shouldn’t have announced this message to the press.  He should have twittered his response.  Something like:

@DavidClowney: Maybe if you wouldve worked harder in practice you wouldve seen more action.  BTW, you are benched next Sunday.**

This would have been flat out awesome.  Fight fire with fire.  Believe me, if Rex Ryan tweeted, the players wouldn’t think it’s as cool anymore.  It’s like your dad writing he loves you on your Facebook wall.

**Bibliography:  Clever tweet response provided by Schloss.

Jets 2009 Predictions

The Jets already had their first game. So I know I will predict that one correctly.  Here are my predictions:

Wk Date Game Win?
1 Sep 13 NYJ 24 @ HOU7 WIN
2 Sep 20 NE @ NYJ WIN
3 Sep 27 TEN @ NYJ WIN
4 Oct 04 NYJ @ NO WIN
5 Oct 12 NYJ @ MIA WIN
6 Oct 18 BUF @ NYJ WIN
7 Oct 25 NYJ @ OAK WIN
8 Nov 01 MIA @ NYJ WIN
9 Bye
10 Nov 15 JAC @ NYJ WIN
11 Nov 22 NYJ @ NE WIN
12 Nov 29 CAR @ NYJ WIN
13 Dec 03 NYJ @ BUF WIN
14 Dec 13 NYJ @ TB WIN
15 Dec 20 ATL @ NYJ WIN
16 Dec 27 NYJ @ IND WIN
17 Jan 03 CIN @ NYJ WIN

Do you think I am being over-optimistic? Should I say they will lose some of these games? I ask you, Why? Why should I believe they are going to fail? Why do anything half-assed?  I am not afraid to be wrong. I am not afraid to make a bold move even though reality might not meet me halfway. I don’t need to be right. I do need to go for the gold.  I do need to believe the future can be better if we try.

I knew I would find a way to turn this towards UX. You have to believe that your product is going to revolutionize the market. If you don’t believe, it definitely won’t happen. If you do believe, you at least have a shot.  Go Jets!

The UX of the Jets

Every year its the exact same thing.  Over and over and over again.  They Jets get my hopes up.  They show a glimmer of decency.  They look like they could almost play.  Then they break my heart.

The rip my heart right out of my rib cage, then they throw it in the ground and stomp on it, then they do the twist on it, then they spit on it and they laugh at me.  They point and laugh at me for being a chump once again.  They said, “what did you expect”?!  We are the Jets!!!  We will break your heart this year and next year and the year after that and the year after that.

They suck.  They make me sick.  ARRRGGGHHH!!!!

Why do I take it?  Why don’t I forget about football?  Or switch teams?  I spend too much money on Sunday Ticket with DirecTV.  I spend too much time thinking about the Jets.  Why can’t I just let them go?  What is it that is keeping me hooked?  It’s like a drug.  I am addicted to the Jets.  They are bad for me and really don’t make me feel good ever.

Please someone just sell the Jets to Los Angeles.  I would be happy.  I would not follow them there.  I would just pretend my team has died.  Like the Houston Oilers.  Ugh, I am so low right now.  The New York Jets are the worst franchise in all of sports.  Their stink is on me.

Brett Farve joins the Jets

Wow, legendary quarterback Brett Farve joins the New York Jets.  I am excited and fearful all at the same time.  I think the Jets have all of the right ‘talent’ on the field, but will they have the chemistry?  Will they stay healthy?  A few injuries will tank the whole team.

This is an exciting season.  I love football.

Prediction still stands.  The Jets will be in the Superbowl this year.

Another prediction:  Brett Farve will make more money this year in endorsements than any year in his career.

Predictions: 2008/2009

Well, it’s that time of year again where I predict things and get them all wrong.  Here we go.

Democrat VP Picks. I predict Caroline Kennedy.  I think Joe Biden would be solid too.  If its Caroline, then Joe will sign on for Secretary of State.

Republican VP Picks. Joe Lieberman (Boo!).  Maybe Mike Bloomberg.

2008/2009 NFL AFC Champions. New York Jets.  I can’t bring myself to say Superbowl champs.

The next president of the United States of America. Barack Obama.  My first rule of presidential politics:  Charisma wins, not policy.

Feel free to second guess.

Jets Picks 2008

I am not thrilled with the Jets overall performance this weekend.  The first pick, Vernon Gholston, DE  made me happy.  Their are some questions about him, but he seems very talented.  However, it was was all lame after that.  The next pick they traded up 6 spots to get a guy that would have been available in the next round.  A tight end named Dustin Keller.  The Jets already have a tight end and needed a safety or cornerback alot more. Why trade up?

Glen’s rule #1 of NFL Drafts:  Never, ever, trade up.  All of the analysts say the same thing every year.  The likelihood of football player becoming a starter is not directly proportional to their spot in the draft.  If anything, trade DOWN and get another pick!  Picking two lower guys is more likely that one of them becomes a starter.  Why did they trade up?  What were they thinking?  Yuck.

Then they got Dwight Lowery, cornerback from San Jose State.  I hope he can play well in the NFL.  Then they picked Danny Ainge’s son Erik Ainge.  I would be very surprised if he ever took a snap at QB for the Jets, but it’s not like our QB situation is so good.  He might be the best on the team and still stink.

Finally we got Marcus Henry, WR and Nate Garner, T.  Both guys are backups.

Overall, I give them a C+.  They didn’t completely mess everything up, but in general, I didn’t think they improved the team.  Time will tell.  However, I give them high marks for their off-season spending spree.  They got alot of interesting players.  I hope they make a positive difference.  I’d like the Jets to make the playoffs if possible.  Can anyone make that happen please?