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The Jets Fall 2009

Well, it’s over.  It was a great run, but the Jets did what they always do.  They got my hopes up and then lost at the last possible second.  This time they went as fas as Vinny Testaverde did getting to the AFC championship game in 1999.  That was a miracle season too with Bill… Read More »

Rex Ryan: Twitter missed opportunity

After the Jets game, David Clowney, Wide Receiver NYJ, wrote a twitter message. “1 play in the 1st Half, 4 plays in the 2nd half . . . A bit disappointed about my playing time but very happy and satisfied about the win.” For this tweet, he was benched for next Sunday’s game by Coach… Read More »

Jets 2009 Predictions

The Jets already had their first game. So I know I will predict that one correctly.  Here are my predictions: Wk Date Game Win? 1 Sep 13 NYJ 24 @ HOU7 WIN 2 Sep 20 NE @ NYJ WIN 3 Sep 27 TEN @ NYJ WIN 4 Oct 04 NYJ @ NO WIN 5 Oct… Read More »

The UX of the Jets

Every year its the exact same thing.  Over and over and over again.  They Jets get my hopes up.  They show a glimmer of decency.  They look like they could almost play.  Then they break my heart. The rip my heart right out of my rib cage, then they throw it in the ground and… Read More »

Brett Farve joins the Jets

Wow, legendary quarterback Brett Farve joins the New York Jets.  I am excited and fearful all at the same time.  I think the Jets have all of the right ‘talent’ on the field, but will they have the chemistry?  Will they stay healthy?  A few injuries will tank the whole team. This is an exciting… Read More »

Predictions: 2008/2009

Well, it’s that time of year again where I predict things and get them all wrong.  Here we go. Democrat VP Picks. I predict Caroline Kennedy.  I think Joe Biden would be solid too.  If its Caroline, then Joe will sign on for Secretary of State. Republican VP Picks. Joe Lieberman (Boo!).  Maybe Mike Bloomberg.… Read More »

Jets Picks 2008

I am not thrilled with the Jets overall performance this weekend.  The first pick, Vernon Gholston, DE  made me happy.  Their are some questions about him, but he seems very talented.  However, it was was all lame after that.  The next pick they traded up 6 spots to get a guy that would have been… Read More »


The Jets have made some great free agency moves.  My general philosophy is that a team lives and dies on the line.  O-line got improved with Alan Faneca.  I expect D’Brick and Mangold to improve dramatically with Faneca in between them.  They need his veteran presence.  This will lead to Thomas Jones (RB) to having… Read More »

Vinny Testaverde

The Carolina Panthers brought in Vinny Testaverde to back up David Carr. Jake Delhomme had his season cut short by injury and David Carr is banged up too. This means Vinny might see some MORE playing time.  He is now 43 years old! About Vinny: The 6-foot-5 Testaverde certainly brings experience. He ranks sixth in… Read More »

Rooting for Losing

I have officially given up on the 2007 Jets season.  I want them to lose very single game.  I do not want them to go 8-8.  I would like 1-15.  We are aiming for the number one draft pick next year.  Mostly likely, they should trade that pick down and build up some depth in… Read More »


Do not ask for whom the Jets lose.  They lose for me.  I know it’s just the first game, and they did play the team favored to win the Superbowl, but I was really hoping they would win.  The offense and the secondary did ok.  But the pass-rush and run-stop was non-existant.  Chad Pennington also… Read More »

Da Jets

Wow, is it preseason already?!?  That off-season just flew on by.  The Jets are primed to win the Superbowl this year.  It’s just one month until the season opener against the hated New England Patriots.  This is a MUST-WIN game.  It’s retarded to think that the very first game is a must-win, but I really… Read More »

NFL Draft part Duex

When the draft was over, I was thinking about the hundreds of guys who didn’t get picked. On this one single day, they go from their old lives as collegiate superstars to the potential of being picked for the NFL (which carries with it a hefty salary check) to being left out in the cold.… Read More »

Da Jets (Draft)

For the second time, since I can remember, I am not unhappy after the NFL Draft. The first time was when the Jets selected Abraham, Ellis and Pennington. All good additions. This year the Jets selected 10 players. (This is alot for a draft). And I am very happy. If I were grading them based… Read More »

Superbowl XL

Pretty good game. The Pittsburgh Steelers won the game. Several plays (interceptions) could have changed the game. Each team had a chance to win and the defenses stepped up. In general, the Seattle Seahawks wide receivers dropped the ball several times in several key plays. I think that may be the ultimate difference. This game… Read More »

Widgets and widJets

Konfabulator has been relaunched as Yahoo Widgets. Very interesting technology. Easy to create, small and useful. I wonder if Yahoo can make it catch on. I wouldn’t be surprised if Google comes out with something similar. And Microsoft is already experimenting with “Gadgets”, but who knows what will catch on. I suggest to Adobe/Macromedia to… Read More »

Sick of the Jets

Q: How can you tell when a bucket gets sick? A: It becomes a little pale. The Jets, Sunday night, ALMOST won the game against the Chargers. They had 1st and goal with a minute left. Score a touchdown and win. Simple as that. They called 1 run and three timing passes. All losers. They… Read More »

High Crimes and Hopes

The White House is facing lots of indictments for the Valerie Plame incident. I am hoping for Karl Rove to be put in jail, along with Dick Cheney and Scooter Libby. I am also hoping for the Jets to magically solve their Quarterback problem. I do not have high expectations for either, but I you… Read More »


The Jets game just ended a short while ago. Ugliest game I have ever seen. Seriously, it looked like a high school game. Atlanta was terrible, the Jets were worse. It was as if both teams were TRYING to lose. 7 turnovers. Blech. Vinny got hurt. Vinny is old (41) and has played poorly since… Read More »