Do not ask for whom the Jets lose.  They lose for me.  I know it’s just the first game, and they did play the team favored to win the Superbowl, but I was really hoping … Continue reading Tennis->Football

Da Jets

Wow, is it preseason already?!?  That off-season just flew on by.  The Jets are primed to win the Superbowl this year.  It’s just one month until the season opener against the hated New England Patriots.  … Continue reading Da Jets

NFL Draft part Duex

When the draft was over, I was thinking about the hundreds of guys who didn’t get picked. On this one single day, they go from their old lives as collegiate superstars to the potential of … Continue reading NFL Draft part Duex

Da Jets (Draft)

For the second time, since I can remember, I am not unhappy after the NFL Draft. The first time was when the Jets selected Abraham, Ellis and Pennington. All good additions. This year the Jets … Continue reading Da Jets (Draft)

Superbowl XL

Pretty good game. The Pittsburgh Steelers won the game. Several plays (interceptions) could have changed the game. Each team had a chance to win and the defenses stepped up. In general, the Seattle Seahawks wide … Continue reading Superbowl XL

Widgets and widJets

Konfabulator has been relaunched as Yahoo Widgets. Very interesting technology. Easy to create, small and useful. I wonder if Yahoo can make it catch on. I wouldn’t be surprised if Google comes out with something … Continue reading Widgets and widJets

Sick of the Jets

Q: How can you tell when a bucket gets sick? A: It becomes a little pale. The Jets, Sunday night, ALMOST won the game against the Chargers. They had 1st and goal with a minute … Continue reading Sick of the Jets

High Crimes and Hopes

The White House is facing lots of indictments for the Valerie Plame incident. I am hoping for Karl Rove to be put in jail, along with Dick Cheney and Scooter Libby. I am also hoping … Continue reading High Crimes and Hopes


The Jets game just ended a short while ago. Ugliest game I have ever seen. Seriously, it looked like a high school game. Atlanta was terrible, the Jets were worse. It was as if both … Continue reading Losers