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London Trip 2018

My youngest son and I just returned from visiting London for a week. Here are a few thoughts and highlights: Money Apparently, everyone in London takes credit card. We didn’t find one thing that required cash. Next time, I won’t bother with Pounds and instead just use Mastercard on my Google Pay phone. One interesting… Read More »

Two Ukulele Songs

Cute 4 year old My son Matthew at 4 years old Clearly, 4 years old is your maximum cuteness level.

Rockband 2 – Jared 8yrs old

This is The Trees by Rush on Rockband 2 with Jared (8 yrs old) on drums.  Expert mode means that he is required to hit the drums exactly the same frequency as the real drummer Neil Peart.  He doesn’t get it perfect at all (89% accuracy), but still I am really impressed. He is just getting… Read More »

Ethan – School President

A non-UX post.  One of my kids, Ethan, ran for Student Body President of his elementary school.  He was up against a dozen other kids.  I don’t know the vote tallies, but I will just assume it was a victorious landslide!  (Why not?) He said, when he heard the news that he won, it hit… Read More »

Kids are Exhausting

With Katie on the roadtrip with Ethan, that leaves me alone with the other 2.  Man, they are flat out exhausting.  It’s one thing after another.  Drive here, pick up that thing, drop off that other thing, feed, clean, drive to that other thing, rinse, repeat.  How the hell does Katie do this each day?… Read More »

The UX of my Lake Tahoe Trip

The last 5 days I have been on a family trip to Lake Tahoe.  We stayed in a cabin with about 15 other people.  Some of them were family, some of them were friends of family. When going on a trip, what you are really buying are interesting memories.  You want to remember specific things… Read More »

Ethan’s Art (3rd Grade)

I had referenced this piece of art in a previous post.  I scanned it in. It’s a little hard to tell, but the layers are made out of tissue paper.  There is a third wave of waves that is faint in the picture.  It looks best on a window with natural light coming through.  Anyway,… Read More »

Tom & Jerry

The kids really like Spongebob Squarepants.  I find it pretty funny and I tolerate it.  It’s something “we both like”.  However, in general, we watch and don’t make any sounds. The kids love Tom & Jerry.  I can’t stand it, never could.  It’s just slapstick.  However, when the kids watch it, they laugh OUT LOUD… Read More »

My Family is Sick

All three kids are coughing with a fever.  What’s up with that?  It’s like a germ factory in here!  Next, Katie will get sick.  For some reason, it rarely affects me.  When I was a kid, I had to fake being sick the night before and then follow through in the morning.  That way my… Read More »

Jan 1, 2009

What a day.  We started off by learning to GeoCache.  It’s basically an international treasure hunt using GPS, a website and hiding treasure around the world.  Believe me when I say, there is a secret geocache within a few miles of you.  There are 3 within a half-mile of me.  It’s loads of fun and… Read More »

Twas the Night Before Solstice 2008

Twas the night before Solstice and in the Lipka hut, we are wrapping and cleaning and cooking it up. We have a big day tomorrow and lots to prepare, but I have time for a quick blog post, … maybe, if I dare. It’s been an up and down year with some good and some… Read More »

Happy Halloween!

2008: Sumo Wrestler (Picture to Come) 2007: Gorilla.  Matthew was my monkey boy. 2006: Wizard. I scared the heck out of Matthew. He freaked. 2005: Jared apparently was a John looking for a hooker in a bar. Ahh, I was Superman! 2004: Superman. Wow, I wore it two years in a row? Katie is an… Read More »

A Terrible Accident

A truck was coming down the hill near Molly Stone’s.  The brakes failed.  The truck couldn’t slow down.  It careened helplessly into the Molly Stones parking lot.  All of my family has been in that exact spot a hundred times.  We walk across the parking lot with just a quick glance for cars.  We weren’t… Read More »

The UX of the San Mateo County Fair

This weekend is just me and the boys.  It is not terribly hard, but we are watching way more TV than usual.  I am tired and my brain doesn’t work as well.  Katie feels this every day. 🙁 We went to the San Mateo County Fair on Friday.  It was pretty lame.  I remember seeing… Read More »

Matthew Drivers License

They give these out at Matthew’s preschool for passing a tricycle test. Great smile. He saw it and said, “I’m wearing my monkey shirt there.” Pretty good for a 4 year old.

Memories and Technology

Back when I had more hair.  Jared looks so happy.  Time flies. I got a new scanner, the CanoScan 4400F.  So far, it’s pretty impressive.  I am scanning Katie and my wedding album.  Ahh memories and new technology.  What more can I ask for?

Matthew and Katie

This is EXACTLY how Katie and Matthew interact. Except replace Lois with Katie.

The UX of 36

I turned 36 yesterday.  The day started off rough with a huge mistake I made and some scrambling to fix it.  It kept going with details and a million things to deal with.  I got a bunch done.  Some good product management candidates coming in next week. Then we went to dinner at BenniHanna‘s in… Read More »

Dan in Real Life

Katie and I just finished watching Dan In Real Life.  We liked the movie very much.  It was a little formulaic,  but the direction, acting and writing were good enough to overcome the formula.  The story had a big family on a yearly reunion as the backdrop.  It reminded me alot of my own family… Read More »

The Makers Faire

The boys and I attended the Markers Faire last weekend.  We first went in the morning and then had to leave for little league practice.  Then we biked back without Matthew to spend time before Katie had to go to the Opera.  Both times, we forgot the camera.  Ugh!  How lame are we.  Here are… Read More »

Opposite Day

Matthew asks, “Is today opposite day?” I answered, “If it was opposite day, I would have to answer NO, which is the opposite of the truth.  If it was not opposite day, I would just say the truth and answer NO.  So my answer to you is, No, it is not opposite day.” He blinks… Read More »

Ethan’s email from school

Ethan is learning a poem for talent show and is so coachable on it. I love it. Apparently, he gets his own email in his classroom. He responded to Katie from his classroom. dear Mom, I love you more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UMMMM o yeah I’ put on sunscreen.Mom I want to play with big kids to challenge… Read More »


The Jets have made some great free agency moves.  My general philosophy is that a team lives and dies on the line.  O-line got improved with Alan Faneca.  I expect D’Brick and Mangold to improve dramatically with Faneca in between them.  They need his veteran presence.  This will lead to Thomas Jones (RB) to having… Read More »

Germ Factory

Anyone interested in getting the flu?  Well, come on down!  You are the next contestant in, “The Virus is Right”!  First it was Jared, then it was Katie, now its Matthew.  All with high fevers and flu-like symptoms.  Cough and fatigue mostly.  I am trying to avoid getting too close to any of them.  It’s… Read More »

The most important thing in Life

I was discussing with Katie about Ethan and how he is so hard on himself.  He is nearly a perfectionist and works really hard.  I am so proud of him.  However, he has incredibly low self-esteem.  I wonder where he gets this from? (cough!Katie!cough!)  I need to instill in him some of the Lipka confidence. … Read More »

Potty Story

Matthew is going to the potty by himself these days.  He still needs help wiping his butt though.  The other night, we hear his regular yoddle, “Mooooommmm, I’m Dooooonnnnne!”  I went in to help him.  The first thing he does is hand me a whisk. He says, “Thank you daddy, I don’t need this anymore.… Read More »

Favorite Present and other stuff

At dinner, Jared likes to pick a “theme” that we can talk about.  I asked the family, “What was your favorite present ever?”  Jared looked at me and thought.  Finally, he said, “George Washington!”  It took me a minute to get it. Matthew had the Croup this weekend.  Katie felt compelled to bring him to… Read More »

Too Many hats!

Marketo is starting to launch into beta, bringing on a few customers at a time.  It’s a stressful time for all as there is so much left to do and so many details.  I really appreciate how good Katie was at this sort of thing.  Keeping track of a million details.  She kicks ass.  Meanwhile,… Read More »

The sneaky minds of 3-year old boys

Katie and I were in bed talking after a long day.  The door was not shut all the way, just most of the way.  We had a light on and were chatting.  I heard the pitter-patter of little footsteps (Matthew) come down the hall.  I mentioned it to Katie.  The funny thing was that he… Read More »


First of all, I love these two photos.  The look on their faces is priceless. Here is the family on Halloween.  Picasa has been doing well for us in the last year.  The only drawback has been the lack of “collections”.  Collections have recently been added to Flickr.  The lack of this feature was the… Read More »