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History is not kind to Bill Clinton

Im a progressive. When I look back at Bill Clinton’s presidency, all I see is bad policy and embarrassment. He was not a liberal and no friend to progressives. Here is a run down of his “accomplishments”: Defense of Marriage Act: Clearly on the wrong side of history. He legislated against gay marriage instead of… Read More »

Facts, Fakes and Fox

English is funny. Spelled different, pronounced the same, spelled the same, pronounced different. It’s like English doesn’t want to be “understood”. It’s like the language itself it trying to obfuscate the truth. Why is phonetic not spelled phonetically? Language is behind this whole issue. Whether you are in the world of product development or politics, the facts… Read More »

Obamacare is Terrible Branding

Medicare has a name. Medicaid has a name. Even unemployment insurance and Social Security benefits can be referred to with non-partisan labels. Names matter. The Affordable Care Act is a bill but if you have that health insurance, what do you have? You have ObamaCare. This is the stupidest branding move I can remember and… Read More »

Disturbing Trends

Not all trends are bad, but some really scare me. For example: Congress is supposed to pass laws. It’s kind of their job. I suppose I would rather no laws than terrible laws, but still, this is a disturbing trend. How about this one? The top 1% is earning more and more of the pie… Read More »

The Electoral College is Bad

I’ve complained about the Electoral College before, 12 years ago. This thing doesn’t make any sense in today’s world. From Wikipedia: Some delegates, including James Wilson and James Madison, preferred popular election of the executive. Madison acknowledged that while a popular vote would be ideal, it would be difficult to get consensus on the proposal… Read More »

Election 2016

The election is over and the next President of the United States will be Donald Trump. To many people like myself, we imagine someone voting for Trump and it fills us with rage and frustration. However, with my empathy hat on, I know that the people who voted for him feel the same way about… Read More »

How are we so evenly split?

One of the strangest things in American politics is how evenly we are split between the two major parties. Look at the last few months of the popular vote between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Here is the same chart with % chance of winning The second chart at times looks like a landslide. However,… Read More »

The Decline of Facts

I’m not looking forward to the presidential debates. The reason is that facts will not be part of the discussion. Imagine this fictitious argument: Fact Person: “The world is spherical.” Feelings Person: “I feel that it is flat.” Fact Person: “There are pictures, science, facts. It’s provable!” Feelings Person: “All of that is faked. Photoshopped.… Read More »

The Presidential Charisma Rule

Presidential Elections Rule #1: The one with more charisma will win. Since presidents have been using television to communicate with the people, the one with the most charisma has won. I’ll start conservatively with 1952, but it really was 1960 when television really took off. 1952 Dwight D. Eisenhower (R) – 442 Adlai Stevenson (D)… Read More »

Bernie Sanders is Larry David

I was watching some clips of the debate and Bernie Sander’s voice kept poking me in the brain. It sounded exactly like someone else. As if Bernie was doing an impression. Then it hit me. He was doing an impression of Larry David.  Check out these two clips. The first is Larry David on 60… Read More »

The UX of Donald Trump

I try incredibly hard to avoid saying someone is an asshole without further explanation. The reason is that the adjective lacks any specifics. It doesn’t help you understand WHY. When Donald Trump speaks, I constantly want to scream at the screen, “Shut up! You are such a dick!” This is when I catch myself and… Read More »

Martin Luther King Day 2014

Racism is alive and well in the United States.  African Americans are at a disadvantage in many categories.  This includes how they are treated by the law, corporations and education.  Plenty of studies have proven that African Americans have serious disadvantages that come directly from government and legal policies.  (Example)  Racism isn’t as explicit as… Read More »

As an American, I am willing to…

As an American, I am willing to live with… Reduction of the size of the military by 50%. The cost is enormous and we would be just fine with a reduction in forces to half of what we have today.  We would still be spending more on military than most other countries. Reduction of nuclear… Read More »

The UX of Mission/Vision Resolutions

I was listening to Barney Frank today on NPR.  He said, regarding the healthcare debate, that republicans and democrats are basically on the same page on the big picture.  They both believed there is a real issue that needs serious attention.  However, he described that when you went into the details, that ideology created huge… Read More »

Reframing Gay Marriage

I just finished reading the very short (100 pages) book called Don’t think of an Elephant by George Lakoff.  I thought it was excellent and highly recomend it.  I want to try it out. Proposition 8 passed in California, unfortunately.  It banned Marriage for Gay/Lesbian couples.  It defined marriage as a union between a man… Read More »

Barack Obama Wins!

Yay for Barack Obama!  The first Hawaian in the White House.  I am extremely pleased.  Did you know I predicted Biden would go for president in 2008.  I predicted it in 2004!!!  Who is the man?! Yet, lots of other things did not go so well.  That horrible woman Bachmann won who said that Obama… Read More »

Election propositions, 2008

Last year, I complained about too many California propositions and initiatives.  Clearly, no one was paying any attention.  There are a dozen new initiatives tomorrow.  The answer to most of them is “I don’t know!”  How am I supposed to know if the legislation will work?  So this year, I am making a stand and… Read More »

Tina Fey as Sarah Palin

Wow, Tiny Fey did a great job mimicking Sarah Palin. The accent and the facial expressions were spot on. I thought Amy Poehler wasn’t nearly as good. I loved the line that accused Sarah Palin of wearing “Tiny Fey glasses”. I didn’t think about that before, but maybe Sarah Palin is doing her best Tiny… Read More »

Predictions: 2008/2009

Well, it’s that time of year again where I predict things and get them all wrong.  Here we go. Democrat VP Picks. I predict Caroline Kennedy.  I think Joe Biden would be solid too.  If its Caroline, then Joe will sign on for Secretary of State. Republican VP Picks. Joe Lieberman (Boo!).  Maybe Mike Bloomberg.… Read More »

Household Income, 2006

This is an update to my post previously about income in the United States.  Based on 111,617,402 households in the US as of 2006. Household Income, 2006 Total People Percent Less than $49,999 57,218,480 51% $50,000 to $74,999 21,221,889 19% $75,000 to $99,999 13,214,551 12% $100,000 to $199,999 16,145,482 14% $200,000 or more 3,817,000 3%… Read More »

The UX of Web Reading

Rachel Luxemburg was kind enough to forward me this report from Jakob Nielsen on how people read on the web. I have always known that people do not read a web page the way they do a book or email. On the web, people will skim. They will pass whole blocks of text. Their eyes… Read More »

Barack Obama = Bill Bradley?

I remember the 2000 primaries.  Al Gore was battling Bill Bradley.  I don’t remember all of the details, but specifically, I remember feeling guilty after the election.  I thought, Bill Bradley would have been a better candidate. Right now, I am having deja vu.  Is Barack Obama the new Bill Bradley?  Will I feel remorse… Read More »

Bush v. Clinton

The Dow Jones Industrial Average took a plunge this morning.  It got me thinking.  I wonder what the Dow looks like for the last 16 years.  8 years of Bill Clinton and 8 years (almost) of Bush.  I used data/sceenshot from Investor.com Notice how the Bush years aren’t quite as good as the Clinton years. … Read More »

The UX of Crying

Hillary Clinton is a genius. I never thought of this, but she just pulled out the unbeatable strategy. Crying. Think about it. When a man cries, he is not strong and usually ridiculed. When a woman cries, men immediately give up and woman bond together. I think it’s from some evolutionary gene or something. Crying… Read More »

The UX of Primaries – Part II

Ok, so now we have a second data point after Iowa.  New Hampshire, which was a dead-even race for Clinton and Obama now has Obama ahead by 13 percentage points. It is riddiculous to say that New Hampshire was taking into account the “retail campaigning” that happens in Iowa because New Hampshire gets it just… Read More »

The UX of Primaries (except for Iowa)

Primaries suck.  I want to vote for Joe Biden.  A bunch of local yokels in Iowa voted for Barack Obama and now he is “unstoppable”.  Are you kidding me?  Who cares what Iowa thinks?  I don’t!  I want to vote for Biden and he has no right to withdrawn his name so quickly.  Primaries suck. … Read More »

The UX of California Propositions

California is a pain in the ass.  They have these propositions and initiatives and special elections ALL THE TIME.  Every single time we have to vote, they ask us questions that we can not answer.  It is terribly designed user experience.  Never ask a question that has significant implications that the user has no way… Read More »

Gore for Nobel President

If Al Gore wins the Nobel prize, he should run for president.  I am convinced that he would win.  The country feels guilty about the 2000 election.  We know Gore won, but we let it slide and let Bush take the prize.  In hindsight, that was a really shitty decision.  The Supreme Court is now… Read More »

Candidates + Issues Matrix

I filled out this MSNBC Candidates/Issues Matrix. Looking carefully at the positions of all the candidates, I rated them all.  As I expected, Hillary Clinton is not as progressive as I would like her to be.  Mike Gravel has some good positions, but he seems “a few kb short of a meg” to me.  The… Read More »

Rob Reich, SuperCapitalism

I was listening to NPR this morning to an interview with Robert Reich. Apparently, Rob Reich uses blogspot for his blog. He was very interesting on the interview. He was talking about how the world has changed in the last 30 years. I didn’t get to the end of the interview, so I think I… Read More »