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Huey Long Book Review

I woke up early this morning.  I didn’t want to wake up early.  I have no idea why it happened, but once I am up, there is no going back.  So I did some chores.  I cleaned the fish tank.  I added one additive that I am hoping doesn’t kill all the fish.  It was… Read More »

Crime and Punishment

The New York Times reported that the senior official in charge of their Food and Drug oversight was sentenced to death for corruption. In America, Scooter Libby was sentenced to 3 years in prison for leaking the name of Valerie Plame to the press, a treasonable offense. He was then let off the prison hook… Read More »

Mighty Joe Biden

Nice article on MSNBC about Joe Biden.  Joe is the man!  Too bad he hasn’t had any Joe-menutum.  I fully support his viewpoint on Iraq.  Here is a quote from the sentate floor. “History suggests only there’s only a couple … ways to keep together a country driven by sectarian strife. And it’s not to… Read More »

Ann Coulter sucks.

Ann Coulter is the worst human being on the face of the earth.  Ok, maybe that isn’t true.  Kim Jong-il is worse.  But she sucks.  She just gave a speech and called John Edwards a “#@%^”. (censored, because I seriously don’t want to repeat it, although the news media has no issues repeating it again and again.)… Read More »

Negative Voting

I think it would be a great improvement if they changed the voting system so that you could vote AGAINST someone. How many times have you heard someone say, “I dislike both of them, but I hate one of them most.” In the Bush v. Gore/Kerry races, I would have gladly voted against Bush instead… Read More »

Hell in a hand basket

All of the news over the last year has led me to believe we are going to hell in a handbasket. Iraq, killing, fraud, division, gas prices, real estate prices, North Korea, Iran. I think Danny is right that Ken Lay faked his death. I think that gas prices will go over $4. I that… Read More »

In the News today

Two things on the news today. First, this is the 100 anniversary of the San Francisco earthquake. They keep saying we are going to get another one in our lifetimes. I am hoping for an earthquake to help drive down the price of housing. I don’t want anyone hurt, but the bottom line is that… Read More »

Dubai Ports

I have been following this strange story about the ports in Dubai. Katie and I agree, we just do not care about this issue. There are other much more important issues on our radar. Who cares if Dubai manages a port? Security is not handled by them. Have you seen the Modern Marvels show on… Read More »

A conversation in the White House:

Vice President Dick Cheney: I am the most powerful vice president in the history of the US! I rock! I can get away with anything! I rock so hard. Karl Rove: Hmmm, you never shot anyone. Aaron Burr shot Alexander Hamilton while he was VP and got away with it. Vice President Dick Cheney: Aaron… Read More »

Afghanistan Drugs

The first time I heard of the Taliban was in 2000 when they announced that they were outlawing the poppy crop. They cracked down on the heroin producing plant with dictatorial authority. The next time I heard about them was after 9/11 when the U.S. entered the country and overthrew the Taliban control and drove… Read More »

The Mayor of New Orleans is Insane.

MSNBC Article describing Mayor Ray Nagin’s recent speeches. He says God sent the hurricanes because God doesn’t like America and is mad at black people. So I imagine God is watching TV. God has a kickass system, large plasma display with surround sound. Probably SONY. God also has a sweet remote that controls the TV… Read More »

The Middle East

Look at this article about Iran’s President. He basically says, “Who cares about WWII? Israel is our land and you took it. Move Israel to Alaska and we will stop being angry at the West. And these are the guys who are building nuclear weapons. One question, Wouldn’t it have been smarter for Bush to… Read More »

The Nays have it

I couldn’t afford to buy cotton so I decided to be abrasive, and steel wool. Every proposition failed. I wish Prop 80 had done better, but I blame the phrasing of the proposition. It should have read, “Should California regulate Energy?” Instead, they put all this confusing language about limiting choice. No one could read… Read More »

Election & Decisions

Tomorrow is a special election in California. Almost all of the measures are sponsored by right wing nut jobs. Also known as Wingnuts. Here are the proposals. Prop 73: Parental Notification of Abortion. Puts in the constitution that life begins at conception. I vote NAY. Prop 74: Public School Teacher Tenure. We treat teachers like… Read More »

The Devil and Mr. Republican

Finally the cracks in the Republican dam are showing. Delay is being indicted. Additionally, Karl Rove and Scooter Libby are on the hot seat and may be indicted as well. This just goes to show, Republicans are evil. I heard George Clooney on NPR. He is very well spoken and a progressive. God Bless him!… Read More »

Democrat trends

This trendline is disturbing to me. It reminds me of when Jefferson anilhilated the Federalists between 1800 and 1808. Democrats need to believe in progressivism. They do not need to be the party of medium and middle of the road and lukewarm. They need to be the party of justice, and fairness, and common human… Read More »

Is John Kerry Lurch?

Is John Kerry really Lurch from the Addams family? Look for yourself UPDATE: I took it down.  It was mean. 🙁  Maybe I should put it back up.