A Big Problem #boycottSafari

Note: This post is fairly technical, using (without explaining) many marketing concepts. It has a big impact, but may be complex for many people, especially designers. Many people in the world would prefer that everything … Continue reading A Big Problem #boycottSafari

All Roads on Twitter Lead to Hitler

I try hard to avoid Twitter. I use it (and LinkedIn) to publicize my blog posts. I click publish and voila! Insta-tweet. Sometimes, I will tweet a little joke or pun, but I hardly ever … Continue reading All Roads on Twitter Lead to Hitler

New-ish Band: Billie Eilish

I heard a new band on the radio named after the singer Billie Eilish. It’s a cool mix of jazz, dubstep, and dance. The singer’s voice has an interesting tenor, similar to Mazzy Star or … Continue reading New-ish Band: Billie Eilish

Flipping it on its Head

We all have context. Every product you design, every job you do, every email you write all have something that came before it. None of us live and create in a vacuum. All too often, … Continue reading Flipping it on its Head

Ironic Almost Truth

April Fools. Got you. UX Rule #91: Everything cool eventually becomes lame.

Video: You Go High, We Go Low

Poorly drawn and animated, but great narration and storytelling. I enjoyed it and learned a little something about group psychology. Also, Im testing out my new WordPress theme to see how embedded videos work.

Recruiting Trip to Indiana University

The story starts with a chain of serendipity. Here is a quick summary of how I was invited to Indiana University. I interviewed a woman named Jin (a terrific person) for a PM role at … Continue reading Recruiting Trip to Indiana University

ToldYouSo Use Cases

The more I work on my mobile app idea ToldYouSo, the harder it becomes. It’s like I am trying to figure out how people who disagree can resolve their differences. It’s daunting. I think it … Continue reading ToldYouSo Use Cases

Personality Test 2019

I am recruiting new product designers these days and one candidate put her personality tests on her About page. I saw the test and (on a whim) decided to fill out the form. It just … Continue reading Personality Test 2019

How Hollywood has Trained us to be Bad People

Hollywood sells drama. They do not give it away and they are not a charity. They sell a product in the form of movies and TV shows that can either get direct payment in a … Continue reading How Hollywood has Trained us to be Bad People