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The UX of the Nexus 6

I recently traded in my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for a Nexus 6.  I wanted the latest greatest OS from Google.  I could have gotten an iPhone 6 Plus or a Galaxy S6 (or Note 3) or other device, but I chose the Nexus mainly because I wanted to get the latest OS quicker. (Current version… Read More »

The UX of Windows 10 beta

Let’s get something out of the way.  I appreciate Apple, but I don’t like MacOS X.  I have many different kinds of devices, iPods, iPads, Laptops, Wearables, Mac Minis and desktops.  They have a wide array of operating systems.  I think iOS is brilliant for the iPad/iPod/iPhone family.  However, I think MacOS X is inferior… Read More »

Size Matters

Contrary to what you have heard, size matters. However, bigger isn’t always better.  Here is the rundown: Taller In business, if you are taller, you are more likely to be promoted.  Also, in SmartPhones, a taller screen is helpful.  Especially if you are scrolling down.  In fact, I have three screens on my desk. See… Read More »

Passwords still suck

I hate passwords in general.  The weird Cr@zyPa$$w0rd style that people ask for today ensures that users will never remember them and just write them down at their desk.  They are also difficult to type. The worst offenders are like Dell below.  They demand that you use only a few special characters $?=.,  Seriously?? You… Read More »

CES and buying a Chromebook

Apparently CES, the big electronics show is happening today.  This means there are announcements all day about new great laptops.  I can’t buy one now.  I need to wait until they ship in February. In the meantime, I need to get something to replace the broken Samsung Series 9 that I bought in June 2011.… Read More »

Which new ultraportable laptop? Jan-2015

Every few years, one of my various computing devices becomes old and breaks down. This is what happens to old things, like me. Getting old sucks. Anyway, in this case, it’s a lightweight ultrabook. I have narrowed it down to a few choices. I’ve made some little comparison tables way down below. It’s not comprehensive.… Read More »

Responsive HTML and CSS 2014

I just upgraded to the new WordPress 4.1 with a new theme Twenty Fifteen.  I think it looks nice, but more importantly, it is the most responsive theme I have ever used.  It has many breakpoints and changes shape as the browser gets smaller. (Try it out) However, on very large resolutions (1920×1080 on my… Read More »

GPS Broken in my Samsung Note 3

I need my phone to do about 2 things:  Call Katie and Google Maps.  I have a terrible sense of direction.  When I was younger I would drive with paper maps.  I would need to pull over every mile or so to make sure I was where I was supposed to be. The navigation feature… Read More »

The UX of Confluence 5.5

I’ve been working on a new system for help articles at work.  We decided to try a Confluence Wiki from Atlassian.  I have to say, I have been pleasantly surprised by the excellent UX.  They clearly have poured a decent amount of love into this thing.  Here are some thoughts that come to mind: Mobile… Read More »

GarageBand Thank You

I’ve got alot of different kinds of computers in my house.  A desktop from dell, a little Intel NUC, a Mac Mini, iPads, xBoxes, etc etc.  I am not generally a Mac user, but I help my kid with his Mac Mini. He (11 yrs old)  is a musician and plays drums and base guitar.… Read More »

Broken Links in Blogs

I have been blogging for a long time.  17 Years, to be exact.  In my blog posts, I will often link to an image or somewhere on the web.  This is a terrible practice.  Here is why: I just downloaded a wordpress plugin to find broken links in my posts.  I have almost 600 broken… Read More »

New Host: A Small Orange

I had been testing for a couple of weeks and the winner seems to be ASmallOrange.com. Performance I used some ping services as well as anecdotal evidence from colleagues around the world.  Orange performed consistently better. Price Orange is half the price of MediaTemple.  It’s not THAT much money, but it’s enough to make a… Read More »

Evaluating New Host – 2014

For the past few years, I have been hosted on MediaTemple. However, I kept noticing that the site would get slow or even fail to load sometimes.  I kept trying customer support, but they blamed some issue that they claimed was outside their control.  I don’t know if it was true or not, but I… Read More »

HML5 or Native for Mobile

We are in an interesting time.  A tweener. Native is when you build your mobile app using Objective C (IOS) or Java (Android) or Visual Studio (Microsoft).  HTML5 is when you build a wrapper for your app in native code, but all of the functionality is built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript (a.k.a. HTML5). Native… Read More »

Playing Videos on the TV from USB Drive

I understand the economics of streaming movies.  I know Netflix and Amazon and everyone else wants to get me to pay monthly to watch movies.  However, there are two problems. I don’t want to pay every time.  I already pay for DirecTV and don’t want to pay for another service. Internet access is not always… Read More »

The UX of New LED Televisions

46″ is just not big enough for our living room.  We moved the couch forward, but that wasn’t a satisfying answer.  I wanted more screen real estate.  Here are some of my findings: Buying Experience I purchased from Best Buy even though I could get it for $100 cheaper from Amazon. I just wanted to… Read More »

Responsive HTML Templates

There has been alot of movement in “responsive HTML” over the last 2 years.  Basically, responsive means that the page will morph as the screen gets smaller.  It changes to use the available space more effectively. All the way down to the phone browser level, it changes fonts, image sizes, padding, etc etc.  All to… Read More »

Moving to MediaTemple (2013)

I’ve had it with slow performance.  I moved to MediaTemple Grid Service yesterday.  Most of the move went smoothly, but I screwed up a little.  Something went wrong with the MX Records and my mail wasn’t turned on for most of the day.  Whoopsie!  All fixed now. I took the opportunity to change some things… Read More »

The UX of the Dell XPS 12 Convertible Touch Screen Ultrabook

I recently gave my Samsung Series 9 to my wife as a hand-me-down present.  This left me without a new laptop.  I obviously couldn’t live with that, so I had a choice.  Either buy a new laptop or get one through work.  The one I lusted after was the Acer Aspire S7.  That thing is… Read More »

Yahoo new CEO: Marissa Mayer

I don’t get it. DISCLAIMER:  I never met Marissa and only saw some of her point of view at a conference and on television.  I have never worked with her and have no experience with her leadership skills/style. Ok, back to the show:  I don’t get it. Yahoo is in a pretty bad place.  They… Read More »

The Microsoft Windows 8 Strategy

I installed my third beta of Windows 8 on my Samsung Series 9.  I am finally starting to see what Microsoft is thinking.  Up until this point, I didn’t get it.  It’s like Windows 7 but worse.  What I realized in this last version is that it is highly intended to be used on a… Read More »

Beta on My Laptop & My Phone

I just installed the latest Windows 8 on my Samsung Series 9 laptop.  Much better than last version.  I am still not a fan of Metro and I think the UI took a step backwards in many ways, but still an improvement from the previous disaster.  The process was pretty smooth, except that it did a… Read More »

Phone Lust: Samsung Galaxy Note

My hands are not small.  My pockets are not small.  I want a bigger phone.  I don’t want to hold an iPad up to my head, but I do want a bigger phone.  Here it is:  The Samsung Galaxy Note. Apparently it will be available in Europe first this weekend.  However, I would like it… Read More »

The UX of Google Translate API

I made this page as a proof-of-concept for the Google Translate API.  The Google Translate developer page was helpful, as was the jQuery wrapper for it.  It was easy to implement and works very quickly.  Unfortunately, the results stink. Sarah, who sites next to me, speaks Chinese.  She says the results made no sense.  Pavel,… Read More »

Did the iPhone get Leaked?

Yes. I may seem cynical, but this wasn’t an accident.  Apple purposely instructed that guy to leave his prototype at the bar. Apple is in the zone right now.  They are dominating everything they do.  The iPad is a runaway success, despite the menstrual name.  The iPhone sales are through the roof and profits are… Read More »

Font replacement strategies

I’ve tried many different methods for font replacement on my site.  I just can’t help wanting to use a fancy font.  I just switched techniques, but here is the complete rundown. Cufon. A JavaScript implementation that uses Canvas tags to change the fonts of specified tags.  It uses jQuery to find the fonts and a… Read More »

Request: Microsoft Office Real-Time Collaboration

An open letter to the Microsoft Office team: You have to produce ONE specific feature to secure your future.  If you do as I suggest, you will kneecap Google Docs and breath new life into MS Office.  Just one feature.  It may not be easy, but you have smart engineers and they can figure it… Read More »

Executing a Software Idea

Jeff Atwood wrote a post about ideas being very cheap and execution being worth millions.  Although, I think the lots of terrible ideas are executed and fail miserably, his point is not lost on me.  How do I translate an idea into reality.  People do it all the time, but what are the steps. DISCLAIMER:… Read More »

3D Physics in Flash

http://box2dflash.sourceforge.net/ The challenge is to find places in your application or website, where you can add a touch of this kind of magic.  It’s can’t be gratuitous.  It has to be fun and natural.  I found a place where it will work in the enterprise app I am designing.  I am excited to see it… Read More »

jQuery 1.4 Released

Big release of jQuery 1.4 today.  This version has alot of new stuff and tons of optimizations.  It should be a smooth upgrade for most people. jQuery was a central part of my daily life for several years.  Recently, I have been doing more UX Design and have fallen off the web developer wagon.  I… Read More »