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jQuery UI 1.5

jQuery has just released version 1.5 of their user interface module called “jQuery UI”.  Maybe not the most snazzy of names, however, the module is a major leap forward for web developers and application developers.  You can see the details at http://ui.jquery.com although the high interest has crash the server, I think.  I can’t wait… Read More »


Women!  Am I right?  yes, I am right. Typically, I don’t find this sort of thing amusing, but this one really made me laugh. It made me think of Katie.  She has so much crap around the house that I look at and think, “We don’t need this!  Seriously, we don’t need this.”  So I… Read More »


I can’t get this commercial out of my head. Make it stop.

The UX of Firefox 3 (RC)

Mozilla just posted a Release Candidate of Firefox 3.  I had installed a beta a while back but things have changed much.  The browser doesn’t crash on me anymore, but more importantly, everything that uses JavaScript launches twice as fast.  Gmail is really zippy.  So is Marketo.  EXT apps are wiked fast.  I am very… Read More »

The Office (US v UK)

The Office is a funny show. Started in the UK, it has since been redone for a US audience. I have been watching both on Netflix through the web. There is a fascinating difference. In the UK BBC version, the main character David Brent (Ricky Gervais) is a total dick. There is nothing likable about… Read More »

The UX of Virgin America

First of all, Virgin America’s website kicks ass.  It blew my mind.  I put in the origination and the destination and it gave me the lowest prices that day and several days ahead and behind.  That clued me in to the right day I should fly to save literally thousands of dollars.  The UI was… Read More »

The UX of Product Management

What is the difference between User Experience Design and Product Management?  Additionally, should product management come out of the marketing department or the engineering department?  This issues are coming to the fore recently at work as we start to mature our process and organization. I have seen it both ways. Both ways are bad.  Reporting… Read More »

The UX of Voting

Great article on the psychology of voting.  This is exactly how you have to be thinking about your web applications.  Drill down deep into the mind.

Refactor, Rebuild, Restructure.

There is a product development philosophy that I strongly believe in, especially for the Software-As-Service world (a.k.a. Extranet).  I call that philosophy the “Pendulum”.  The pendulum oscillates between features and quality in a product.  A feature is a new thing that the product should do.  Quality is a catch-all for improving the performance, removing bugs,… Read More »

CSS Preload Images

This is an interesting technique for preloading graphics. Resources: One here. This guy originated it, but it’s pulled down now. #preloadedImages { width: 0px; height: 0px; display: inline; background-image: url(path/to/image1.gif); background-image: url(path/to/image2.gif); background-image: url(path/to/image3.gif); background-image: url(path/to/image4.gif); background-image: url(); } This is much easier than using JS to do it. I need to experiment with it… Read More »


Katie and I just spend 2.5 hours at the DMV. Jared had a fever but was well behaved. Matt thought it was fun to say hi to all of the people there. The experience was very painful. My jaw hurts from clenching. And it’s not even over. We still need to prove we bought the… Read More »

Check this out

This is awesome. I hope they build it.

Look who’s Talkin?

Matthew, last night, started saying Baaa, Baaa. It was a high pitched sound, and he said it quietly. I haven’t heard him make this sound. Katie came over and thought it was funny too. I said, “Maybe he is saying Bath.” Katie said to Matt, “Do you want a Bath?” He immediately squealed his delight… Read More »


I had another dream last night. God came to me in a dream and said, “Remenber that Jets thing I told you? I was kidding. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA Haaaaaaaaaa HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAA HA HA HA” He laughed in my face for 5 minutes in my dream. Then he put his hand to… Read More »


Speaking of Robert Burns. He had this quote: “Suspense is worse than disappointment.” I think he is right, but it doesn’t make it feel any better. Also on Nip/Tuck, this guy had a quote, I thought was particular incisive. “You try making someone do something they don’t want to do. It’s like feeding them a… Read More »


I am flip-flopping. I tried to install the 64-bit version of Vista. No dice. Too many drivers missing and it wouldn’t support dual CPU. Overall it was acting too slow. And I have 4G of ram! So now my choice is 32-bit version of Vista and I can install the beta of WinFS. OR I… Read More »


O would some Power the gift to give us To see ourselves as others see us! It would from many a blunder free us, And foolish notion: What airs in dress and gait would leave us, And even devotion! I have used this in my blog before. I wonder if there are rules are being… Read More »


I am so tired. Seriously, I feel like a sticky film is over my whole body. Like Plastic wrap clinging to my face. I need sleep. Too much to do. Not enough time. Meanwhile, the Jets better win this week otherwise I am going to open up a can of whoopass. So tired.

The Most Beautiful Thing Ever Built

I was flipping channels on TV and hit a station where a guy asked the crowd, What is the most beautiful thing ever built by man? I think it is a great and probing question. Easy to come up with some cool things, but what is the one, the most superlative, the most beautiful? A… Read More »

Pool, first time in a long time

I played pool last night for the first time since I moved to California. The funny thing is that I am not in California, I am in Texas. Anyway, I started off playing TERRIBLE. Slowly my shots started to come back. It was the worst I have played in 15 years, but it could’ve been… Read More »

Rapid response

For everyone who thought the Bush administration took too long regarding Hurricane Katrina, I say, They went very fast! Look how quickly they tried to make money for their buddies! Honestly, this is sickening, but I am not surprised at all. Dickhead Cheney was down there this week to close the deal. Booooo. Jets play… Read More »

Tennis Interuptus

I was watching the US Open last night in HD. Andre Agassi versus James Blake. Great match. Agassi was down 2 sets to 0 and down a break in the third set. He won 4 games in a row and came back to tie it up 2-2 sets. Exciting night tennis. Have to love it.… Read More »

Outlining in Excel

Excel is my favorite program, but it misses one critical feature that Microsoft Project has. Outlining. The best and possibly ONLY good thing about Project is Outlining. Is there a plugin for Excel to allow Outlining? Other note. My brother’s blog is getting spammed. Comments by morons with marketing gimicks. I find it pretty funny.… Read More »

Random Subjects

Not bad. We accomplished much on our list. The new tank is set up, and we didn’t even have to buy a new piece of furniture. I didn’t get a chair yet, but we cleaned up alot. Overall, good weekend productivity. In other news: Chief Justice Rehnquist died over the weekend. John Roberts is nominated… Read More »

Busy Weekend

Stuff I want to accomplish: Set up Quicken 2005. Apparently, Citibank uses a different ID/Pin for Quicken than it does for MS Money. So this will be a slow process. Clean the house. It gets so disorganized so quickly. We need to dump alot of stuff at Goodwill like the crib and the blue car… Read More »

Flat Tire

Unleaded gas is now above $3 a gallon. Exxon Mobil is making unprecedented profits. In the past 2 years Exxon Mobile stock has gone from $31 to $58 per share with 12 dividends ($0.27 per share each time) during that period. Not bad. It seems logical. When the country is suffering from high gas prices,… Read More »

Lost and Found

We went to see Stanford yesterday and had a nice time. As we were going back to the car I realized my car keys were missing. After my heart started again, we decided the kids (Abigail, Matthew, Jared, and Gramma Susu) would stay with the car in a shady area and Bapu and I would… Read More »

Giant Trees

This weekend, we went to the Sequoia National Park and saw Giant Sequoia trees, which are the worlds largest trees by volume. The largest one we saw was the General Grant Tree, which is the worlds 3rd largest Tree. We didn’t have enough time to visit the General Sherman Tree, world’s largest. We walked through… Read More »

MS Money Bad. Quicken?

I have been a fan of Microsoft software for a long time, and I remain a fan. However, I feel like they dropped the ball with MS Money 2006. The UI is just not intuitive and easy. Katie constantly gets frustrated with it and finally last night, I officially announced my condemnation. MS Money is… Read More »

ASCII Art from Jpeg

This looks cool. It takes a jpeg or other photo and turns it into ASCII art. Ill give it a try. Of course, this post will be delayed. DSLExtreme, normally pretty good, changed my IP address without telling me. Nice, huh? I have been down all afternoon.