Teaching is Leading

I have four new designers on my team.  That’s alot of people to get up to speed on the product, process and people.  Rather than teaching them myself, I assigned my most experienced designer to be in charge.  He has not previously managed people and this is his first time training other designers.

There are two benefits to delegating in this situation.  One is the actual education of the new designers.  The second is the experience it gives the teacher.  Teaching is a form of leadership and I want to help him become a stronger leader.

Think of all the teachers you have had in your life. I can describe the best teacher you ever had:

  • Energetic
  • Funny / Entertaining
  • Time flew by
  • Interaction between students was active
  • Focused on concepts, not memorization

We have all had that kind of teacher at some point.  Unfortunately, most teachers aren’t like that.  They are boring and focus on memorization, often teaching to the test.  A great teacher makes you love learning.

By practicing teaching, you are learning to lead.  Managing people is easy in comparison.  You don’t need to be nearly as fun.  Wakka Wakka.


Whatya think?