Do not ask for whom the Jets lose.  They lose for me.  I know it’s just the first game, and they did play the team favored to win the Superbowl, but I was really hoping they would win.  The offense and the secondary did ok.  But the pass-rush and run-stop was non-existant.  Chad Pennington also twisted his ankle.  At this point, I am willing to scrap the whole season and hope for last place.  This will give us good draft picks, which we can use to build a defensive line.  (Trade down!!)   Anyway, I do not have high hopes.  I will watch every game in it’s entirety, because I am a fan.  Go Jets.

In tennis, Roger Federer was his 12th major title at the US Open.  He beat Novak Djokovic in straight sets.  Djokovic has LOTS of opportunities to win both sets.  He had 9 set points.  But like me, when you are up 0-40 with triple break point, something inside you snaps and you choke 3 points in a row.  I feel for him.  He should have won those sets.  I think he will improve.  He is only 20.

Look at their websites.  They are pretty funny.  Who builds these?  What is the point of them? Why would I be a member?  Am I supposed to buy something there?   Strange.

Matthew (or was it Jared?  ahh, they all look alike to me) asked me if we could invite Roger Federer over to the house.  And then we could play tennis with him in the park?  I think I am supposed to join at their website and click on the “Ask Roger” link and  invite him over.  Hmm, what should we cook for him?  I think he would like my famous tacos.

Tennis season may be over ad football season begun, but I am going to try and keep playing tennis every weekend.  As soon as I shake this cough.  Yes, it’s still there.  I need a doctor.  Man, I miss Kaiser.  Kaiser was so simple.

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I guess maybe trading Pennington before the season started seems like a decent idea now. But it is ok, the Jets actually looked ok (considering how good the patriots will be this year and that they were cheating). The offensive looked ok, which I thought would be the biggest weakness. Revis looked very good (7 tackles for a corner, but why wasn’t he covering moss?). However, the other rookie, Harris, was a non-factor. The running game was ok (which is a vast improvement). Pennington was ok too, accurate, but not really a weapon. Since he throws so softly the receivers don’t have a chance to run after the catch. In the end, the Jets still can’t stop the run and can’t cover more than one receiver. Sadly most of the teams they play have a Running back and several receivers.

Whatya think?