The dilema of the undecided

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Today, California passed a budget and gave huge concessions to a single state representative.  Why did they pander to this one guy?  Because he was the swing vote!

This is a real dilema.  If you want to get what you want, always be in the middle.  Always be undecided and a swing vote.  People will court you from both camps and you will get a great deal.  However, this means that you can’t vote on principle.  You are voting on horse trades.  You have no soul.  HOWEVER, you also get what you want.  You see the dilema?

I wish human psychology was different, but I can’t live in a fantasy land.  It takes hard work to convince people of the merits of your position, especially if they are just trying to get the deal of a lifetime.  The book I am reading, Supercapitalism talks about this sort of internal conflict in detail.  Good book, but a little scary.


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