The End?

Yes, the Jets somehow lost the game. But let me start at the beginning.

My brother scheduled his wedding at the exact time of the game against Pittsburgh. I told him not to do it, but would he listen? No. Nice brother huh? So my only link to the game was a 40 year old radio, my cell phone web access and a little TV someone brought that showed 30 seconds of static for every 2 seconds of blurry game.

At first we were keeping it close. We were doing well. We were scoring on special teams and the defense even scored. The offense missed two field goals and in total scored 3 points. (Hello, Scott Norwood? Maybe Norwood changed his name and joined the Jets) The score was tied 17-17 with the Jets in field goal range to win the game. They missed the field goal. Overtime. Then the Jets won the toss, couldn’t convert on 3rd down and had to punt. Pittsburgh marched up the field and won. The end. The Jets were robbed.

Who to blame? First I blame Danny for scheduling his wedding so thoughtlessly. Who ever heard of a wedding on a Saturday anyway?? Second, I blame Paul Hackett. Hackett, I don’t care if you are Buddy’s brother, you suck and you need to leave. Your offense is terrible. We need new blood. No hard feelings, just don’t let the door smack you in the ass on the way out. If Hackett isn’t fired within 30 days, I will then shift blame to Terry Bradway, the general manager. Terry, do the right thing here. Hackett’s offense is not good.

So the Jets lost. They are a young team. We have a great defense. Justin McCarrins and Santana Moss are good. We could use an upgrade at tight-end. Martin won the rushing title and I see no reason for him to do just as well next year. He is a rock. We have a good young team. Wait….I feel something…Yes, yes…really?

Wow. I just was visited by God! The Almighty told me, “Do not despair. The Jets fans are my chosen people. You shall win the superbowl next year. I promise.” Holy Fish Paste! That was awesome. Well, you heard it here first. The Jets are going to win the Superbowl next year! God said so. He said, “This time, FOR SURE.”


Trip update: The wedding was nice. Total absence of anything offensive (just like the jets). Some funny moments. All in all, an unqualified success. Put one in the Win column for Danny and Lindy (unlike the jets).

The boys are having a good time with Bapu and Susu. Matt got everyone sick by putting his hand in every person’s mouth. I keep telling them, stop letting him do that, he just had his hand in [insert other relative’s name] mouth two seconds ago!

Bapu is saying now that Matt will be standing in 4 weeks. I think he is on crack, but you never know. I think he will have a tooth on the bottom in 4 weeks. Ill check back on this issue.

Next we travel to Washington DC to see Kara and go to the Spy Museum.

P.S. Jared wants everyone to know that you should pull over your bike when a car comes.
P.P.S. My dad also wants me to stop throwing Matt in the air.

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“I’ll tell you right now, I’m going to make some mistakes … I’m not a genius. There are only a couple of coaches in this league that are geniuses, and I’m not one.” — Jets coach Herman Edwards

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