The Most Beautiful Thing Ever Built

I was flipping channels on TV and hit a station where a guy asked the crowd,

What is the most beautiful thing ever built by man?

I think it is a great and probing question. Easy to come up with some cool things, but what is the one, the most superlative, the most beautiful? A difficult question indeed.

I have been thinking about the answer ever since. The Great Pyramid in Egypt is pretty cool. Stood the test of time. Perfect symmetry. Must have looked better when it was new, but it still packs a punch. But somehow I can’t quite give it the nod.

The Spitfire designed and built during World War II is a thing of beauty. An inspirational plane. Yet is it the pinnacle? The top?

How about the Atomic Bomb? If you can get past all of the killing and destruction, this is truly a watermark of ingenuity and perfect manipulation of nature. It is beautiful and terrible. But I feel guilty saying that a bomb is the most beautiful thing ever built by mankind.

The Eiffel Tower? The Taj Mahal? The Opera House in Sydney? The Sistine Chapel? How about the Oxford-English Dictionary?

I still can not make up my mind, but I believe that just by thinking about the question, it raises the human spirit. However, if I compare all of these beauties to an old sprawling Oak tree, I am left wondering how far we still have to go.

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