The most important thing in Life

I was discussing with Katie about Ethan and how he is so hard on himself.  He is nearly a perfectionist and works really hard.  I am so proud of him.  However, he has incredibly low self-esteem.  I wonder where he gets this from? (cough!Katie!cough!)  I need to instill in him some of the Lipka confidence.  If we combine my self-confidence and imagination with Katie’s work ethic, Ethan can achieve anything.

The most important thing in life is Believing in Yourself.  You have to wake up with you every morning and look you in the eye in the mirror.  You have to believe that you are a good person and doing good things each day.  If you don’t believe in yourself, then no matter how much you achieve, it will never be good enough.  You will always find a reason to think you suck.  If you believe in yourself, you might be have a rough period in life, but you will know that you will keep trying and have success down the road.

Without believing in yourself you can never be truly happy.

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