The New Tech Bubble

Already Public:

  1. LinkedIn: 6.6B valuation
  2. Pandora: 2.3B
  3. Fusion-IO: 2.2B

IPO in the next 18 months:

  1. Groupon: 20B?
  2. Facebook: 100B+??

I have been hearing more and more news about this company or that company filing for initial public offerings.  On the one hand, this is exciting.  Lots of money is going to flow.  On the other hand, this feels like an aftershock of the big tech bubble bursting 10 years ago.  That was a disaster.  All kinds of people out of work.  Mass hysteria!

I have mixed feelings about this.  It seems totally irresponsible to advocate for an irrational frenzy over social media and tech stocks.  On the other hand, I really want to buy a house.  As you can see, the dilemma is quite vexing.  One thing is for sure, I am enjoying living in the middle of the tech capital of the world while it happens.

Ancient Curse:  May you live in interesting times.  Indeed.

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