The UX of Apple Emails

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Apple usually has great experience design.  The one exception is their emails.  They always show up and look horrible.  They rely WAY too much on images and the result is that their presentation is unintelligible.

On the left is the email the way it actually looks.  On the right is how Apple intended it to look.  Click on each one to see the actual HTML.

applefixedApple Emails look like crap

This is pretty bad.  First of all.  What is going on with the 10 paragraphs of small print on the bottom.  That just freaks me out.  Secondly, the email looks pathetic.

Good emails should look good right away and then look BETTER after I unblock images.  Apple is good on UX in general, but in this case they did not pass the grade.

Apparently, I am not the only one who thinks Apple marketing leaves something to be desired.


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