The UX of Chrome

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Chrome is the browser I reach for most of the time.  Here is the good/bad/beautiful.  Firs tthe good.

  1. Speed.  It’s much faster than the other browsers in launching and loading.  Everything jusgt seems faster in Chrome.
  2. Tabs.  The details of the tabs are genius.  The nice smooth lines with a gentle slope is much more pleasing than the equivelent in Safari with their sharper edges.  The movement animation of the slides is awesome.  Firefox REALLY needs to take a close look at that.  The drag/drop model and creating new windows and merging them back works perfectly.  It makes me happy when I try to do it.
  3. Space.  The conservative use of space is great.  It makes the browsing area bigger.  I love it.
  4. New Tab UI.  When you click the little (+) to get a new tab, the UI in 3.0.192 is greatly enhanced.  Try clicking on the “list view”.  That transition is gorgeous.  It made me happy just clicking back and forth.  The ability to X or PIN the choices there is really smart.  Sometimes something gets in there that I want to get rid of.

Now some bad.

  1. Downloads.  I don’t like how it works at all.  It’s confusing and I always forget where they were downloaded.  It’s not the end of the world, but every time I download it annoys me.  One of the things I hate is how it is single click to open the download.  I end up double-clicking and then it opens twice.  Maybe I would be happier if they just detected the double-click and treated it like a single click.
  2. Upgrade.  They are killing me with this.  Why does 2.0 not say “Hey there is a new version and you should upgrade”?  Don’t tell me 2.0 is not beta and 3.0 is beta.  Bullshit, the whole thing is beta, just get over it.  More importantly, why does 3.0.187 not say there is a new version to 192.  Even the Google website doesn’t have 192, but clearly it is the newest version.  I have no idea what they are doing.  Google, on this one, learn from Firefox.  They nailed the upgrade process perfectly.
  3. Developer tools.  I have said it before.  Google, please for the love of god, just copy Firebug EXACTLY how they have it.  Don’t try and improve it.  Just copy the damn thing.  You are killing me.  Also, bake in the web developer toolbar.
  4. Plugins.  I know they are working on this, but the lack of plugins suck.  There are so many good ones for Firefox.

Generally, I like Chrome for browsing and I like Firefox for developing.  Someone has to learn from the other team to get my undivided attention.


  1. So now “Unstable Dev” is the new “beta”. Maybe they should call it Alpha. Still, it works perfectly. What is unstable about it? Firebug has the right model. You install a version 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 and it checks for updates for that version. They should be testing upgrades as well as other browser functions.

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