The UX of DSL Speed/Service

I use DSLExtreme for my internet access at home.  I have been a customer for many years.  Not too expensive, good up-time.  I have been meaning to call them for 2 years.  The reason for the call was that I think I was over-paying.  I was getting 3 megabits download speed, but I was paying for a more powerful 6 megabit package.  It’s not a ton of money, but it could save me $10 a month.

They do a quick check and then say, “Ooops, something was set incorrectly that limited your bandwidth to 3m, try now.”  I did a speed test and lo and behold, it was twice as fast. 6 mbits/sec.  Upload speed was the same.

I really hated this experience.  Yes, I’m happy that it’s twice as much.  However, I want better service.  I want DSLExtreme to refund some of the money they should not have collected.  I want them to fix the problem two years ago.  I want them to feel badly.  I want them to care.

I still recommend DSLExtreme because they have a good service generally and all the others are no better.  However, I yearn for a world where people I pay money to, treat me with more love.

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