The UX of Electric Cars

Once the Chevy Volt and other Electric Cars come on the market, I believe there will be alot of people who trade in their cars for a gas-free commute.  This will have an important effect.  Electric bills are going to skyrocket. What is now considered ‘cheap’ will become an important resource.  Our electric grid will start to strain overnight.  Legislators will be faced with many new problems that they aren’t prepared for based on this spike in usage.

I believe this will spur an obvious solution.  Lawmakers will insitute very heavy discounts and subsidies on home solar panels.  They will make it so the economics work for a family to add solar panels to their roofs and lower their electric bills back to (close to) “normal”.

If I were a betting man, I would bet that home solar installations will skyrocket along with the sales of electric vehicles.  I wish lawmakers saw this future now and invested heavily in making better solar panel technology.  We need super panels that look like shingles.  We need more efficient solar cells.  Wow, all of these are so close.  We just need investment by our government to spur advances and make it affordable.

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