The UX of Gas

The tank was on E.  Empty.  We need to use the car.  I bike to work, I use public transportation, but damn it, I have no choice, I have to drive some places.  I had to stop and get gas.  The price of regular: $3.95.  The price of Super: $4.15.  $0.20 cents difference.  That used to mean something when the whole tank was $20. 

I just broke my record for most expensive fill up.  $70!  Can someone please give me a break!  $70?!?  Come on.  So super is $3 different than Regular.  Big deal.  I have no choice on gas.  They don’t even make an electric minivan.  (Why not? I have no idea)

Bottom line:  Gas needs to be regulated.  This is bullshit.  I want my electric minivan NOW.  I think we need to picket Washington DC.  This is more important than Iraq by alot.  Screw Iraq.  I want cheap fuel!  We need to get rid of petroleum permenently.  Somehow, I think that getting rid of it will make Iraq a non-story anyway.  They will become like most African nations. (No resources, no money, disease and famine.)

Ugh, $4 gas!  I am so sick of this!  Can we please have a revolution now?  Exxon has had ENOUGH of my money.

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