The UX of Google Reader

I am seeing a trend.  It seems all the new good software is from Google.  Recently, I realized that I read alot of blogs.  I was getting annoyed that I had to go to so many different sites to read them, so I finally decided I need a “Feed Aggregator“.  I took a quick look at some of the ones out there.  Again, I landed on a Google Product, specifically Google Reader.  I am starting to see a significant advantage to using all Google Products.  The consistent user experience and solid design make it easy to bounce between them.  It’s funny how WordPress is the one product that I shun Google.  Blogger stinks in comparison.

Google Reader is a great experience.  I really like how smooth it is.  Adding new blogs is simple, because it’s integrated with the Google Search.  It normalizes all of the blogs so that I can read them quickly. Overall a good grade, B+.  The only thing I would like to see is the comments, as an option.

I wonder who the UX master is at Google.  I would be surprised if it was totally distributed design.

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