The UX of Google Reader

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I am seeing a trend.  It seems all the new good software is from Google.  Recently, I realized that I read alot of blogs.  I was getting annoyed that I had to go to so many different sites to read them, so I finally decided I need a “Feed Aggregator“.  I took a quick look at some of the ones out there.  Again, I landed on a Google Product, specifically Google Reader.  I am starting to see a significant advantage to using all Google Products.  The consistent user experience and solid design make it easy to bounce between them.  It’s funny how WordPress is the one product that I shun Google.  Blogger stinks in comparison.

Google Reader is a great experience.  I really like how smooth it is.  Adding new blogs is simple, because it’s integrated with the Google Search.  It normalizes all of the blogs so that I can read them quickly. Overall a good grade, B+.  The only thing I would like to see is the comments, as an option.

I wonder who the UX master is at Google.  I would be surprised if it was totally distributed design.



  1. The option to display comments would be great. Some blogs are only interesting for the comments.

    One option I’m really missing is a hide-read-posts mode. I’m always reading posts I haven’t already read, and I want to read them from oldest first. I can sort by oldest first, but that gives me all those posts I’ve already read at the top. I’ve posted that to the mailing list, I hope someone picks it up.

  2. I used to use FeedDemon, but got tired of trying to synchronize between home and work. When I got a Mac, even that became impossible so I switched to GReader. The second “version” made huge improvements.

    And you can really rock the keyboard. I love that Google shows power users some love with their keyboard navigation efforts.

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