The UX of Google Translate

Today, I saw a comment on a previous Jets post.

Niw wiem co Wy widzicie w tym futbolu ? niech mi ktos to wyjasni ,bo nie bardzo rozumiem.sorry nie znam angielskiego na tyle by poprawnie sie tu na forum wyrazic-pozdrawiam Les

At first I thought it might be spam, but I saw the word futbolo in it.  I wanted to know what it said, so I googled the word translate and found the Google Translator.  It didn’t have an option for “I don’t know which language”, so I just started guessing.  Spanish, obviously not.  Not danish, bulgarian, russian, etc etc.  Aha!  It’s polish!  The translator spit out:

Niw I know what you see in this football? Let me someone is made clear, because not very rozumiem.sorry I do not know enough English to properly here on the forum Express-greet Les

How cool is that?  Within a few minutes, I have a pretty intelligible translation.  Great work on the part of the Google team, although I have no idea how it makes them any money.  Also they have tools for firefox where you could instantly translate right on a page.  Amazing.

Speaking of the Jets, getting Brett Farve would be super cool.

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