The UX of Picasa Name Tagging

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ALERT:  This is the coolest thing I have seen in MONTHS!

If you have Picasa, you have to try this.  It’s called Name Tagging.  You enable it.  Mine took about an hour or so to crawl through all the photos.  When it was done, I realized that it put these little squares (only available if you mouse over a picture) over people’s faces.  You click the box and easily type in a name.  They made tagging a picture with the right people easy.

If that was all it did, I would have called “pretty damn cool”.  However, the next thing blew my mind.  I clicked on “Add name tags”.  It grabbed a bunch of photos of Ethan and basically asked me, “Are these all Ethan?”  I looked through them and lo and behold ALL of them were Ethan.  I clicked “Ethan” and it tagged 20 photos at once.  Then it presented me with a second row of kids.

It recognized pictures of Ethan at 6 months and him at 8 years without flaw.  Several times I said, “Nope, that is not Ethan” and took a closer look.  So far, I have been wrong and Picasa has been right every time.  This is riddonkulous.  It might even be friddiculous.

It is making tagging pictures FUN!  That is the hallmark of a great user interface.  The technology is fantastic.  It hasn’t been wrong so far.  It’s fun to use and it takes virtually nothing to learn.  No instructions, no need for them.

GREAT JON to the Picasa crew.  I am thoroughly impressed.  Now just give me sub-albums and I will be happy!  Wait wait….there is a new Picasa 3 beta.  Holy Cow, this is my lucky day!  And Katie, they also have pictures at Walgreens!

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