The UX of Primaries (except for Iowa)

Primaries suck.  I want to vote for Joe Biden.  A bunch of local yokels in Iowa voted for Barack Obama and now he is “unstoppable”.  Are you kidding me?  Who cares what Iowa thinks?  I don’t!  I want to vote for Biden and he has no right to withdrawn his name so quickly. 

Primaries suck.  The talking heads on TV just blabber on and on about how they are positioned and what kind of money they have or spend or what kind of ads they run.  Who cares if Mike Huckabee has a Christmas commercial?  I understand that its hard to cover news 24/7 on msnbc, but I feel like they NEVER cover news.  It’s just conjecture and punditry.

The talking heads made all these statements about what it means and what the mood of the populace is.  Give me a break.  It’s IOWA!  It’s like 1,000 people TOPS!  Who cares!  Who cares about New Hampshire either?! 

The whole primary thing disenfranchises me as a voter and a progressive.  I hate it.  I want a single day for primaries.  ONE day!  Not 12 weeks.  I want my vote to count!  I don’t give a shit about “retail politics” and how people eat barbaque pork rinds with a deep fried twinkie.  I just want my vote to count.

Will Biden be on the ballot?  If not, I won’t vote for anyone.  If he is, then I don’t care if he withdrew, I am voting for him anyway.

This is terrible design.  Seriously, I consider this a design flaw, like the butterfly ballot in Florida.  It is because of poor UX design that politics suck.

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