The UX of Reactions

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Clearly, the band on the Titanic under-reacted.  Many government officials are under-reacting in response to the threats of global warming.  Under-reaction is to either do nothing at all and ignore the issue or to do something toothless and symbolic.  Under-reacting usually results in the problem festering until it gets so bad it is a crisis.

On the other hand, there is over-reacting.  After 9-11, the government over-reacted by taking out an unrelated dictator and making us take our shoes off in the airport.  Over-reacting sometimes makes a bad situation worse or turns a non-issue into a different real issue.  It transforms the situation, usually for the worse.

The proper reaction is always difficult to find.  It does not have the advantages of Fitt’s Law.  Fitt’s Law has a small part of it which states that the edges of a problem are easier to find than the middle.  Like your screen…throw your mouse across your desk and you will find one of the corners exactly.  It’s much harder to find the center of your screen.  How can we find the patience, restraint and steadiness to find the proper reaction in all circumstances without giving up and ignoring the issue?  It’s not built into our DNA.

I wish I could sell this ability in a bottle.  I would take a dose every day.

Since I don’t have an answer to this problem…I guess I will do nothing about it.  Hmm, or maybe I should embark on a worldwide tour and dedicate my life to this issue.  I wonder if there is something in between.


Whatya think?