The UX of the Jets

Every year its the exact same thing.  Over and over and over again.  They Jets get my hopes up.  They show a glimmer of decency.  They look like they could almost play.  Then they break my heart.

The rip my heart right out of my rib cage, then they throw it in the ground and stomp on it, then they do the twist on it, then they spit on it and they laugh at me.  They point and laugh at me for being a chump once again.  They said, “what did you expect”?!  We are the Jets!!!  We will break your heart this year and next year and the year after that and the year after that.

They suck.  They make me sick.  ARRRGGGHHH!!!!

Why do I take it?  Why don’t I forget about football?  Or switch teams?  I spend too much money on Sunday Ticket with DirecTV.  I spend too much time thinking about the Jets.  Why can’t I just let them go?  What is it that is keeping me hooked?  It’s like a drug.  I am addicted to the Jets.  They are bad for me and really don’t make me feel good ever.

Please someone just sell the Jets to Los Angeles.  I would be happy.  I would not follow them there.  I would just pretend my team has died.  Like the Houston Oilers.  Ugh, I am so low right now.  The New York Jets are the worst franchise in all of sports.  Their stink is on me.

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