The UX of Twitter (part 1)

At work, I had noticed that there was s0me activity on Twitter around the product.  In other words (for my mom), people were publically saying things about Marketo, some good and some bad.  I joined twitter to see what the hubbub was.  I now have  Twitter account with actual tweets.  Gee, that makes me feel kinda geeky.

So now, I have my linkedIn account, which I keep up to date.  I am picky about who I link to.  I want to KNOW these people, not just met them once.  I have a facebook account, but I barely pay any attention to it.  I just don’t have the time.  This twitter thing is easier because it’s hooked into Trillian Astra, which is convenient.  It’s just like blogging, except with just a phrase.  It’s actually pretty restricting.  I can’t think in such a small amount of space.

Anyway, I was thinking about Twitter at the party tonight.  The house was filled with a hundred people.  It was loud and crowded.  My dad would have loved it. (Sarcasm).  I was thinking that Twitter allows all this personal information to be passed at the speed of light to “followers”.  My concern is that this information is not human communication.  It’s just wierd to me.  It’s clinical.  Sort of like looking at someone’s bathroom cabinet to find the medicines they take.

Are we, as a civilization adding hundreds of ways to communicate information and ending up alienating us further?

This is a half-baked thought, but something is just rubbing me the wrong way about it.

I will followup another time with my feelings on the user experience, but this is just a start.  In a nutshell, its freaking me out.

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