The UX of Twitter Tools Setup

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Part of this post is just a test.  However, the setup process of Twitter Tools is insane now.  It’s not their fault.  Twitter has a ridiculous serious of complex hoops to jump through to get this stuff to work.  You have to put in all kinds of technical info.  The basic premise is simple.  I post a blog entry and I want it to change my status in Twitter and Facebook.  Not that complicate, in my humble opinion.

The Facebook plugin is pretty easy, no crazy setup.  But the Twitter one forces me to register an app with Twitter in their developer center.  There are secret keys and access keys and special urls.  Its nuts.

Well, hopefully it will work, but this is not a good user experience.


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  1. I met a couple of Twitter developer evangelists at a meetup last month and asked about this. The answer is this the best solution they had at this time to balance security and other service-oriented concerns with good UX. Not sure I thought they were serious but was said with a straight face.

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