The UX of Twitter

I don’t use Twitter all that much.  However, since I am at the Business of Software conference, I decided to participate.  The hashtag is #BoS2009.  At first it was interesting, although alot of the content was mundane.  It was just repeating what the person said.  I downloaded TweetDeck to try it in a different context.

Almost immediately, I noticed things going wrong.  The tweets wouldn’t update.  I did a search for the hashtag and I got the famous fail whale. This means that Twitter is failing.  Apparently, this happens ALOT.  Twitter fails a serious amount of the time.

I am really surprised by this.  It means they are vulnerable to someone else eating their lunch.  Here is how I think it will go down.

Imagine a day when we all have Google Wave accounts.  If we did, I would never suggest using Twitter for this conference.  I would use a Google wave instead.  Hell, I would even have a different wave for each speaker.  This would be much more interesting because the content is threaded.

So, I understand the pull of Twitter.  It doesn’t suck if it actually stayed up.  However, I sorta gave up based on the fail whale.  How many other people gave up too?

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