The UX of

I have an addiction to answering questions.  I can’t stop myself.  I want to (have to) help.  I used to use alot.  However, they have no UX section and once I stopped using jQuery, I didn’t find it that compelling.  I tried StackOverflow, but I got locked out of my account and can’t get back in.  I cried for help, but so far, no luck.  Generally speaking, I like StackOverflow’s design.  They heavily use badges as a way of giving users a ladder to climb.  I think EE could learn something from that technique.

Recently, I discovered the site  It’s built using StackOverflow software, but focused on User Experience.  I like it, but truthfully, there isn’t that much traffic on it yet.  A little more community and it will hit critical mass.  In the meantime, I will keep a lookout for more questions.

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