The UX of watching a crackberry addict

I don’t have a Blackberry.  I appreciate it’s UX very much for the primary user.  It’s downright addicting.  However, the UX of the person WATCHING the person using the Blackberry isn’t nearly as good.

Hold on a sec.


Spin ball.




Ok, I’m back.  How lame is that?  Every person with a blackberry stops engaging in the conversation at hand and starts looking at the little screen and spinning the little ball.

You know what is really happening?  They are bored of listening to you or your meeting.  They are bored!  So they look at their email to kill time.

I heard a reporter on NPR saying that you should use the “Crossword Puzzle Rule”.  In any situation, would you pull out a crossword puzzle and start working on it?  Stanley from The Office TV show does this regularly.  It’s a joke, but he is basically saying, “I am bored with you and would rather entertain myself.”.

People looking at their blackberry are bored with the moment at hand.  They are entertaining themselves.  That’s why it is so addicting!  However, there is a downside.

Being entertained too long will make your day go by very quickly.  Smelling the roses is important.  Memories are built on the moments when you are NOT entertained with mindless info-tainment.  Memories are not made while you are using your blackberry.  Life is short enough as it is.  My wife and I just celebrated our 10 year anniversary and it seems like we got married about 2 months ago.  The kids are growing like weeds.

I definetely do not want to have a blackberry.  I check my email enough as it is.

Whatya think?