The UX of Windows 7 (part 1)

Sometimes, you start the day and think, “The Jets are going to win, and I am not going to completely reinstall my operating system!”

Well, it’s the end of the day and I was completely wrong.

I first downloaded some photos off our newish Canon Powershot SD890IS. Then, I uploaded them to our Picasa web album.  Much to my surprise, the photos were messed up.  Almost all of them were corrupted.  I think I know what happened.

My pictures were on an external USB drive, which happens to be a SATA 500 gig drive in an external case.  It’s supposed to be able to connect via eATA, but for some reason that never happened.

So I tried for an hour or two to get it working.  I opened up my Dell Precision 380 (4g of ram) and deconstructed the external drive.  I was going to plug this badboy right into the motherboard.  Turns out that I only have one acceptable SATA cable.  So once again, I was stymied.  Damn!

Ok, well, I need the stuff on this drive.  While I was sorting this out, I noticed that Windows 7 beta1 had been leaked to the world a little early.  I decided, it was a sign!  I should re-install Windows 7 on the 500g drive.  After all, it was twice as big as the original 250g drive.  Done!  I downloaded the 2.5 gigs of install and burned it to a DVD.  I started the install process and lo-and-behold…it found a TON of errors on the drive itself.  Now, we are getting somewhere.

The install itself was pretty fast.  Some new slick touches here and there.  About 30 minutes later, I am up and running on build 7000 32-bit (I was using 64-bit vista previously).  Woo Hoo!  Now, I just need to re-install EVERYTHING.

The UI is pretty much Vista.  I can’t tell anything yet about speed.   A new install of Windows always acts fast.  Let’s give it some time.

I am trying to fix up my photos.  Some were permanently destroyed, but most were saved.  I think I might have been able to save more, but I probably messed up something along the way of my muddling.

I guess I am going to get the second hard drive (the original) installed, but I need to find another SATA cable.’s amazing what one little photo mess up will do.  This is the last time I keep an external hard drive for something important.

It’s late.  I need to go to sleep.

One quick note.  The Windows 7 start-bar at the bottom is pretty different.  I am not sure about it.  It’s REALLY different.

Whatya think?