There are two kinds of people…

Of course there aren’t, but it is a great way to simplify¬†decisions. Break down the problem to two kinds of people and decide which one you want to optimize for. Some examples:

There are two kinds of people…

  1. Those that wants their inbox to be empty except new things and
    those that let’s their inbox pile up until kingdom come.
  2. Those that browses by clicking and
    those that searches.
  3. Those that likes their UI to be dense with every choice available and
    those that likes progressive disclosure.
  4. Those that loves analytics and
    those that don’t.

The reality is always a mix. There are people on all points of the spectrum, but putting people in a mutually exclusive paradigm that then you can sometimes shed light on your design choices.

When I design user interfaces, I try to remember my design principles, but also be open to the minority of people who like strange things.

There are two kinds of people … those who think there are two kinds of people in world and those who think there are more…or less…or both.

Whatya think?