How much do other people think? For me it is an insatiable activity. Every person I see; I wonder what they do for a living, what makes them tick, what troubles them, what they are thinking.

Every building I see; I wonder who built it, who architected it, what choices they made, what choices they didn’t make. I imagine every possible situation with every person at work. I imagine what they would say, I imagine what I would say. Each day, as I read my book, I think; What would I do in that situation, how else could that have gone, what does this mean to me?

I can’t help myself. I read much slower than I should because I constantly pause to think deeply about the topics. All day, all night, I am imagining siutations and conversations.

The only time I do not think as actively is when I am watching tv. The thinking then becomes subconscious. I can relax then.

Is everyone like this? I wish I could see statistics on people’s thoughts and where I fit in.

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