Can’t seem to wake up today.
Too bad I don’t drink Coffee.

On a technology note: I am setting up to work within a J2EE environement, so Im installing Eclipse, WinCVS, WebLogic, Apache Ant and the Java J2SE SDK. I don’t think I need Tomcat or Struts, but who knows. What ever happened to the old days when you just needed a text editor and a web server?

Is Struts html tags better than JSTL? What about Java Faces versus Struts Tiles? Man, no wonder Im tired. This is exhausting.

3 thoughts on “Tired

  1. Struts Lipka
    Eclipse Lipka
    Logic Lipka
    John Scott Thomas Lipka (JSTL)

    Although, Apache Ant Lipka might be the best.

    Well, once the baby comes than you can get some rest.

    1. This actually was written in 2004. At the time, I was working at Remend. (shiver). As the de-facto product manager and the interaction designer AND the HTML/CSS guy, I had to have a build so I could edit things. The talent there was pretty poor, so I often would solve problems on my own rather than have an engineer get involved. This was the place that taught me that most Java Programmers HATE user interfaces, especially HTML.

      Anyway, I had to get a build working. I tried to educate myself on the details. Sometime last year, I stopped making builds. I think it was about the time they promoted me to Dir. Product Management. I just had so little time after that for pure HTML. Now, if I really need to do something, someone else shares their drive out and I leech off their build.

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