Too much CO2 is bad

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I just saw two sites that are incredibly disturbing.  One claims that CO2 is not a pollutant and the other is claiming CO2 is the best thing in the world for plants.  The ridiculousness of these websites is depressing, because I know that some people think that this point of view is valid.

How about a website called  We drink water.  We swim in water.  We use water to clean our bodies in showers and baths.  Hell, our bodies are 90% water, aren’t they?  Water is the best thing in the world. We try to find signs of water anywhere in the universe.

So how could water-boarding be a bad thing?  It’s just like swimming or water skiing.  Last time I went water skiing, I got a nose full of Lake Tahoe.  It must be the same thing.

This is the sort of backward thinking that gets human beings into trouble.  Why would some jackass put up those sites and work on all the content?  Just for money?  Hmm, yeah, I guess we do alot of things for money.  The web developer knew this content was trash, but they needed to feed their families.  We do lots of awful things to survive.

Still, how far is too far?  If the website was called or, would it still be OK to build the site for money?  How much money?  What if it was a million dollars?  A billion dollars?  How much would you take to compromise yourself?

Maybe it’s best not to think too much on this.  I know that my price is alot less than it should be.


Whatya think?