Turdy Tree

Yesterday was my Birthday. I am turdy tree now. One third of a century. I am hoping to live forever, but each year is nice to commemorate. We had dinner at The Alameda and roasted marshmallows (Jared calls them Schmellos) on the fire to make smores. All in all a good time.

I spent most of yesterday looking at houses on the peninsula. It’s hard looking for homes in an area far away. We had Penny to look in Berkeley when we moved from NY, but now we are on our own. Some of these places are going in days. Katie is doing a great job of keeping track of everything, but it is difficult based on the kids needing attention all the time. We are waiting for some money coming and then I will purchase a laptop for Katie. That will help her some. I am trying to decide which is better for her…5 lbs or 10lbs. The 10lbs has a bigger screen and is faster. The 5lbs is lighter, which allows her to carry it around, like in the car.

Matthew is almost walking.

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