Upgrade to Windows Vista 64bit

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Something went wrong with my machine at home.  A popup started saying things like, “Your license is about to expire, backup your stuff because this machine is about to become a paper-weight.”  I was really annoyed.  I purchased Vista for a reason.  So I wouldn’t have to deal with that crap.  Microsoft tech support was not helpful at all.

The whole experience is me really mad at Microsoft.  They haven’t innovated in a long time.  Vista is fine, but it’s not fast enough.  It makes me want to switch to something else, but what is better?

Mac?  I don’t want to buy new hardware.  There is a way to get it working on a Dell.  Here is a snippet:

Obviously, hackers and other geeks are a resourceful bunch! So despite Apple’s wishes, it is possible to install OS X on your Dell and other Windows-based PCs thanks to the OSx86 Project. However, the installation process is extremely complicated. Only the geekiest computer users should attempt the installation of OS X on non-Mac hardware.

Truthfully, I just don’t have the time.  Then I need to learn a whole new OS.  Find a whole new set of programs.  Replace a whole bunch of programs I have come to enjoy.  I just can’t deal with that.

What about Linux?  It’s possible to install, but then I have to find drivers for everything.  Then my printer won’t work, or the scanner, or something else.  And the UI isn’t better.  OpenOffice blows.  So what then?  Run Vista or XP in a virtual machine?  What’s the point?  Why not just run windows and run linux in a virtual machine??

There are no good options.  So I just reinstalled the operating system.  However, this time, I used the 64-bit version instead of the 32-bit version (I had both).  Speed improvement?  Not that I can see.  Any benefit?  Not that I can see.

However, now my scanner doesn’t work.  It will cost me $60 to get a new one that has proper drivers.  Today is starting off on the wrong foot.

In better news, I played tennis this weekend and won!  Woo Hoo! Sometimes you just have to look for the good news in a different spot!


  1. @Bill: Francis said it was really painful. Plus I still have all the problems I just mentioned above.

    @Robert: I love new products. I can’t stand using XP anymore. I’m like that women in The Incredibles. She said, ” I never look back DAHling”

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