Upgrades – Trillian/WordPress

I love upgrades.

Trillian Astra just sent an update that allows me to see when someone is STARTING a message to me.  I love this feature.  I am so excited about it.  Whenever I see the “Joe Smith is preparing a message to you”, I get giddy!  I can’t believe how long Trillian Astra has been in Alpha.  When will they release a beta so you all can use it?

WordPress is testing 2.6.  They are on Release Candidate 1.  I am trying to hold my breath until it’s released in final.  I should probably just upgrade though.  Hmm, upgrade, wait, upgrade, wait…I can’t decide!  What to do?!  I suppose I could wait a tiny bit longer.  I am excited for the usability improvements though.  I love WordPress.

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